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  1. I don't know, it's not my job to explain why they should pay it. Im just supposed to make them fall in love with the car and show them the price. They justify it themselves

  2. These are luxury vans at this point. They have a LOT

  3. Im going to try and get his insurance to repaint the whole car because fuck em

  4. have you had any problems with the car? looking into a base model 99 boxster for my first car

  5. My 986 has 30k miles and costs me money every time I drive it. My 987 has 130k miles and I've only had to do oil changes.

  6. Oh thanks! My wife also drives a GTI. Sadly I no longer have the FRS as it was demolished on the interstate back in August and I sold the Skyline (not sure if it's on my profile still). Getting ready to sell the Miata and I've been looking at GTVs (being in the Alfa club really helps with access) and I'm thinking about it. I also really want a 4C, but no manual sucks.

  7. I bought this car from a good friend and I'll probably sell it back to him if I ever get rid of it. The next car I get will probably be an e28 535is, that and a GTV will be good stable mates I think. I much prefer older rather than newer

  8. Typically dealers get first dibs on lease returns, but sometimes the buyout is too high, they already have too many of that kind of vehicle, or it doesn't sell well there, or the condition is not to their standard.

  9. This ^ if the buyout is too high to justify it, the bank takes it back and it goes to auction

  10. Forza buddy, I don’t own any Caymans, I own two boxsters and one of them is naturally aspirated and goes 182 miles an hour. That’s faster than your Xbox.

  11. The 60s/70s GTVs are absolute lookers as well!

  12. I’ve never seen one the closest I know of is the Lexus gs350 it’s basically a Camry same engine and subframe just different shell.

  13. We have a Cavalry Blue XSE V6 AWD in our rental car department. It's really impressive

  14. I’ve never ever seen one, what year did they make a Camry with a 2grfe in AWD configuration? I’m pretty sure the previous generations with the 1mz-fe and 3mz-fe never came with AWD You just blew my mind like a dime store working girl.

  15. Anything with warm colors (amber, red, green) will be great. My 97 Citroen Xantia has a nice warm green dash that can be nicely dimmed down to very comfortable levels without any eye strain. It even has a radio flap to cover the radio (great with a flashy aftermarket stereo). My Saab 900 classic also has a very easy on the eyes cluster. It's illuminated from the front onto the dials by two bulbs, unlike other cars where the dials themselves glow.

  16. You must not have looked around in a Toyota lol. It's very easy to find the lights, and turn the screens off

  17. I sell Toyotas for a living and I sold the first GR Corolla we got, and hand delivered it out of state. It genuinely is one of the best cars I have ever driven.

  18. Well shit. Idk of anyone else making anything for these cars that's inverted or at least decently beefy.

  19. I'll be surprised if that car gets a lot of after market support. It's not exactly well loved

  20. I've heard of 96-month loans being offered by some lenders. 8 years... Holy shit.

  21. There's also a mythical 108 term that my local Ford dealer offers.

  22. It’s sad that I can tell just by looking at that pic that you have a 981 Cayman PDK w PASM, PSE and Sport Chrono 😅

  23. Yep, I swapped a 991 steering wheel on a few years ago. I wasn't a fan of the triangle wheel.

  24. I have this wheel as well in my Boxster. Such a good addition

  25. It’s true . These cars all look so different from each other and unique character. As times passed they’ve all going towards a more specific direction.

  26. It's hard to do a whole lot when we are near the peak of aerodynamics right?

  27. Learn to live on lentils and you will not have to be subservient to the king

  28. The payment on my Porsche is $360 a month, and that's at 17% interest. People spend more than that on a new Camry, and double that on a small truck. My car has 130k miles and has nothing wrong with it. People have really poor understanding of money and the market of used cars.

  29. How can you fail this spectacularly at simple basic stuff

  30. I did something similar at Dunkin donuts. When asked what kind of bagel I wanted for my bacon egg and cheese, I just said i want a bacon egg and cheese. I did not know there was different kinds of bagels

  31. Honestly, going anywhere I'd prefer any modern BMW Audi or Benz over a tesla.

  32. I got into an argument about Tesla's low quality with a Tesla fanboy earlier today. The cope was insane

  33. And you're a brainwashed Tesla owner 🤷 we can keep going back and forth all day. I've had plenty of cars on demo and I drove the Tesla for three days before I got out of it.

  34. Lmao yeah an actual owner who’s experienced a car vs a car salesman who sells competitor cars and only drives Teslas around the parking lot. Let’s see who knows about the car more🤔

  35. You clearly didn't read anything I said and I refuse to continue entertaining you. Happy new year

  36. It's things exactly like this that have deterred me from pulling the trigger and buying my dream car... spend all the money for one asshat to ruin it for no good reason, or for it to get dinged in a garage, etc.

  37. If I had the money I would get full body paint protection and a proper ceramic coat. Then I wouldn't be so worried

  38. There's been no woman in my life in years. I'm just doing me

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