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  1. To be fair, that movement has no idea what it represents, none.

  2. No. Gainfully employed. Don’t hate my supervisor. Good benefits package. I’m everything antiwork says isn’t possible.

  3. Eeks, I looked at your history. You run around calling people Fascists and scream at anyone having issues. At least I know what I'm dealing with.

  4. Hey, I don't mind a debate, but if you make one comment that is right-leaning, you could lose 1000's of karma. I have enough where it does not matter, but if you are new here, keep in mind 90% of Reddit left, if not radical left, and if you disagree, they will get very angry.

  5. I've been on Reddit for 8 years. I'm much older than most Redditors (nearly 55), as are, I assume, most people in this sub.

  6. I'll be 55 in May, so we are essentially the same age. What you construe as a lie, may just be your subjective opinion. I would equally say that the majority of left-wing posters reject facts. I'm old enough to embrace the facts as well. I believe the left rejects the facts. I also don't know why libs reject the truth or find the truth threatening. I'm a Centrist, so not fully right or left, but I voted for Trump twice and would never, ever, ever, ever vote for a dem. That's just me. We are indeed a divided nation.

  7. I've visited every few days. Most posts are about bad bosses. Comments are sometimes anti-capitalist.

  8. The name is wrong/bad. I am a member of a Skype group called Skype Assholes; we came up with this name in 2006. We are just a bunch of old Republicans discussing politics. People know we are not, but we can't really change the name now. It's already a brand. But, I don't know anyone on Antiwork that does not work. They have issues with benefits, fair pay and treatment. I have never once seen a post of, "Oh, I fucked my boss over or I slack off." Maybe 1-2, but in general, this is about fair wages for humans. And, fair treatment.

  9. Not what I said. I said it was a sub COMPLAINING about bad bosses. That doesn't mean that they don't work or don't what workplace fair treatment.

  10. I recommend you read the description. It does include that. They CAN'T really change the name, and it's not up to me for them to change it. There are 5+ mods, if not more. I've even been in one of their podcasts. It was very normal. I am quite upset they chose that person, a dog-walker, rep the sub. It is only going to make Republicans laugh. And, it takes away from what workers need in the USA. So, that's terribly unfortunate. But, I've seen on both Fox or other liberal news stations debates with the opposite side; it's always who can win and be more clever, never about the issue.

  11. You can tell, that muscle definition is not of a regular 17 year old.

  12. When it's Hawaii, specifically, it's not merely gentrification. It's colonization. It's already a stretch to use the word in mainland US, seeing as most of the land west of the mississipi was literally stolen, according to legal documents the US signed, but particularly in Hawaii, that is a small chain of islands still inhabited by it's native population who are forced into houselessness, unable to afford to feed their families, dying from toxic water as the US military bases' equipment rusts into the water table, forced to enter into what 50 years ago we'd have called "human zoos" in order to entertain white tourists with their "strange culture".

  13. Were the two things... connected? In any way? (Other than her being a horrible person?) This whole case is just baffling, and I'm left wondering "why." "Why did literally any of this happen."

  14. I actually don't even fully know how to comprehend what I just read.

  15. Depends. If you have income at all, then I'd say do like I do and camp on BLM land in either Arizona or Nevada or maybe even Texas or Florida. If you don't have income and rely on government assistance, you're gonna need a blue state and you'll probably need to stay in the city for resources. In that case, I lived in my car in Cali for a couple years and it's OK but I left bc of communism. If you're OK with communism, Cali is your place. Otherwise, Denver is pretty radically blue now so it's OK.

  16. How did you miss the smoking? Or how did you find out it was smoked in?

  17. Neighbors told us. Bought in winter and the cold covers it up. Nobody told us, I will have to move out and live in an RV or a hotel.

  18. Is this in the Texas area ? I bought a money pit too. Estimate of 40k of work. Smoked in for 25 years. Inspector never told us.

  19. I wrote a letter too. He had a fan club and it was a fairly common thing to do in my friends circle of 7-8 year old girls. I remember my grandmother refused to give me a stamp because I was too young to be writing love letters to a celebrity. 😂 and I was truly so ashamed of myself after that.

  20. No doubt about it, he could have basically any woman he wanted. He got tired of his bubblegum image and posed nude for the cover of Rolling killed his professional career but made him a bigger sex symbol. He was happy with that.

  21. Clapton's been an unapologetic racist and general asshole his whole career. Recently he's gone full conspiracy on COVID and technology. Bobby did 18 months for attacking his mother (for context, Bobby is 68) and I'm still surprised he's alive after 40 years of hard drugs.

  22. His poor mom was always so nice it seemed. And his dad. Yeah, after 40 years of drugs, it’s shocking.

  23. Yup. Either way, Pentagram is finally getting the recognition it deserves in a musical and historical context, which is great. Definitely one of my favorite acts.

  24. Why do you feel the need to make shit up? Honestly why bother lying it makes you look bad.

  25. LOL. You realize cloud platforms are backed by physical infrastructure right? Surely you arent this stupid.

  26. I feel the karma you gained from the actual post was damn near negated by all the downvotes you continue to get by commenting nonsense

  27. Lol, true. Sadly karma doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s not like one can cash it in.

  28. One of my neighbors is a spitting image of Johnny. But he’s much skinnier. He looks like washed up Johnny on Meth.

  29. You guys know this guy murdered his girlfriend, right?

  30. I wonder if he was already torturing cats to death when this picture was taken…

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