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  1. I was on barricade and in the early line with you!! I was so happy when I saw him see your sign!!!!

  2. did you throw it up to him on stage or how did you manage it haha?

  3. I had a sign that I held up during the entire show. It was huge and I was super close

  4. I used Voc services through the VA. They helped to make it in tune with the way LinkedIn finds resumes as well got me uptodate with the do’s and don’t. Check into that

  5. Keep your stuff here in the states and take a trip for a year or two. Travel through central and South America. Go nuts in south East Asia. Tour Europe for a while.

  6. What do you have to lose? Bonus if you go your the pacific as well, it’s beautiful there. Bonus bonus if you take me with you.

  7. How long were you waiting before you called? I filed for my dad in January and we haven't gotten any updates, no appointments, nothing.

  8. I live in DC and have no elected officials, any advice on who I could get in contact with?

  9. Eleanor Holmes Norton is the at large representative for DC

  10. I'm gonna get downvoted like shit but Resident's Cafe is insanely over priced and the service is AWFUL. I've been twice and both times I was shocked at the rudeness of their workers and managers. Its like they hire assholes on purpose

  11. best espresso martini in the city though. worth it if you can get a table IMO

  12. Is that a Gucci Mane autobiography I spy??

  13. They did the same for us in Hampton. I think it’s a your thing and I really hope other artists start doing it cause it was needed lol

  14. I have one day 2 ticket (Tuesday) for sale! It’s listed on Ticketmaster. I’m selling for face value because I’m unable to make the shows now

  15. I have one ticket for the day 2 Asheville show. Just dm me. I have it listed on Ticketmaster

  16. What time did you line up? And how long were you waiting before other people started showing up

  17. How much was this? They didn’t definitely didn’t have this on the 1st leg

  18. Heidi Slimane- was the creative director of YSL a few years ago and now at Celine.

  19. The rumor is Alexander Wang gave huge settlements to his accusers to shut them up, which is why you don’t hear about it anymore and no charges were filed. He comes from an extremely wealthy family, so it was easy for him.

  20. Insomnia Cookies. Yea they’re not the best but they have late hours and decent selection.

  21. I did in DC too back in 2011, then a Conventional mortgage in 2016 with 5% down.

  22. I’m purchasing soon and just wanted to get stories from other veterans using the loan. The market is crazy competitive in dc. I know the va has stricter restrictions and a lot of sellers won’t accept it.

  23. It always has been, but it doesn't really have a stricter restriction imo. I've bought a house with a conventional loan, the biggest thing was the VA requiring the seller to pay for the termite inspection.

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