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  1. They did get the solid version of the shield. But on top of the American actors being larger than the Japanese actors the shield got damaged pretty badly in transit that’s more or less why.

  2. I prefer my headphones to drown out their cheering and my day dreams so I can ignore the existence

  3. I almost wish they had, it would have been hilarious

  4. Unironically it would’ve been so much funnier if they did. The problems they’re facing right now would’ve only been made worse by a naval invasion and probably would’ve been a Kamchatka situation

  5. Not a whole lot of “planned attack” and a crap ton of “how Japan was planning war with the Soviet Union as early as 1938.”

  6. The government was working on a serum before the war. The enclave s continued their work

  7. Side with the minutemen and do the bare minimum with the brotherhood until you get the mission to go to the glowing sea. When you do that mission don’t go to the brotherhood with your findings go to the minutemen and go from there.

  8. What does Horizons 4.0 mean? Is this the newest update of the "old" Horizons or is it Odyssey with the decision not to play the FPS part?

  9. It’s a mix of both. The stuff Odyssey players see, stargoids for example, can now be seen by horizons players. However pretty much everything native of Odyssey is still locked behind Odyssey

  10. Your sanity. That’s one of the things you can lose. Not much else o

  11. If I had to venture a guess, that pic is a screen cap. From a movie. Of the adult variety?

  12. He’s also a plumber, an Astronaut, a president, a doctor, a chef, a cop, a step-dad

  13. What? What's a town hall? First I've heard of one in the two years I've worked at Amazon

  14. JAX2- if people working 5 days a week from 9 to 5 are getting 50 hours PTO why can’t we? “that’s an HR question you’ll have to ask them about that” HR person: “I can’t answer that but I’ll have to ask the people above me”

  15. To be fair having TimeFire as your dad is over powered

  16. In terms of where to buy them, I got mine from Amazon. Note that they’re not region free, so check your region to determine if you need a region-free bluray player.

  17. A PlayStation 4 will suffice since the Blu-ray drive is region free

  18. PS4 games are region free, but the thing itself won't play region locked things outside of its region. I even just tried the Zero-One bluray on my PS4 Pro and learned it has a unique screen for "invalid regions".

  19. Uhh that’s weird cause I played the entirety of decade on my ps4 and had no issue. I did this with decades movies and still no issue. I then tried it on my Xbox one and still no issue

  20. Since when has torrenting been "many hoops"? If you want to watch anime in equally good quality, you'd still be torrenting. It's only become easier and easier over the years.

  21. Torrenting itself isn’t a massive hoop it’s just an annoying added step. It’s even more annoying when you want to go back and watch ANY of the Heisei phase 1 shows and there’s like 1 seeder that pops up for like 6 seconds once every 12 days and only for let’s say blade episode 26 forcing you to find the direct download site to download the season.

  22. Just approach the heckler in the coat, or the woman standing in the clearing. And you should have your answers

  23. Do NOT get close to the woman she is the reason why everyone else is dead!

  24. I’d wish they’d move on from it entirely. I understand from a financial standpoint they can’t but I’d wish they’d at least do one shots of the shows after MMPR like attempt to fix the problems in those shows or just do SOMETHING and at least get some better writers for the one shots cause from what I’ve read Ranger slayer/drakkon new dawn was the only one that was worth a damn. The time force one? God awful. Edge of darkness? The Astronima part was the only good part. Universe? Gave us a good concept for a character but mismanaged the emissary’s

  25. That It stopped being relevant a looooooong time ago, the morphin masters are just janitors

  26. I don't feel like Power Rangers should ever be some gritty, 'mature' thing, but I'd love to see it have writing that doesn't talk down to its audience. Something like the quality that Avatar was able to have in a kids show

  27. Then you’ll love the audio drama. It’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  28. I’ve only seen up to dino charge so I’ll go from there in order from most to least likely

  29. Flexicalymene ouzregui from the Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It lived in the Ordovician period. This is real, they’re extremely common and commercially mined. The people telling you to lick the fossil were (hopefully) just ignorant of the fact this only works with dinosaur bone and not trying to get you to lick random rocks lol

  30. No no no it works on these too but you have to be humming that one Chevy commercial where the song goes “like a rock”

  31. If you’re not at the corporate level chances of that are 0.

  32. I hate it when it’s not even a manager but an unvested coworker. Like bro it’s 7:30 it’s too damn early to be louder than the entire pack department when you’re in pick

  33. I can’t even get the A310 to have more than 32% fuel

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