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  1. Honestly bro you sound like you're just trying to sneak your family into the U.K.How can any real student do a 'full-time' job AND a 'full-time' degree? I myself am doing my Master's part-time while holding down a full-time job and it's brutal. I don't see how you can do both unless you're cheating on either the employer or the degree. Note that while there ARE part-time student visas this is more strict and you can't bring any dependents and it clearly states no international work. Example:

  2. Bro, if I wanted to sneak, I would have never even posted a question here.In my conscience, it seemed okay to me as I always thought how would someone manage something back home.

  3. Yes mate I get it now, thanks. I didn't check out the website. The thought came to my mind hence I asked the forum first

  4. But she didn’t break her visa conditions

  5. She had to leave the country because her work permit and visa were both immediately expired.

  6. Yes in UAE, you are told directly to leave the country as the terms on your visa change when you lose your sponsor, I think it's the same in the UK.

  7. 50 working days. After multiple escalations.

  8. That's unfortunate. I hope you are happy here now. What were the issues you faced? Missing documents?

  9. No issues. No documents missing. Just a long time at their end

  10. I have been here on skilled worker since 4 months and planning to marry and bring my wife now.

  11. Same situation here. Applied on a priority service on Sept. 6 and still no decision

  12. That's perfect. Thank you. The UAE does have recognized centres

  13. Just for clarify, when people talk about a “spouse visa” here mostly they are referring to a family visa. Whereas your future spouse will be applying as a skilled worker dependent. This has a shorter service time than a family visa (around 2 months, the same as for the skilled worker visa) and priority is available.

  14. Oh I see. I have been looking at this wrongly then. There is a Skilled worker dependent visa as well?


  16. Hi there. Do priority service really take a week, or more often they go beyond it?

  17. Got the evisa approved! They also asked for hotel booking and for past visas to any of the following regions: UAE, USA, Schengen.

  18. Congrats mate. What if there is no hotel booking? Does there have to be one? Can I stay at a friend's place?

  19. Hi. That's invaluable info. I didn't look at it like that. She is on work visa in the UAE and will look into the expiry.

  20. I was scared, tired but under prepared but I'll wait for it. If you go, if you go, leave me out here on my own, then I'll wait for you

  21. Guys I need help. The ticket prices are surging. Any other websites except ticket master I can get my tickets from?

  22. Congratulations. This is great news for all May applicants.

  23. Hi I'm about to attend my bio-metrics appointment. I wanted to clarify after attending the appointment did you get the visa approval email on the 18th and received your passport on the 30th?

  24. Hang in there my friend. There is light at the end of every tunnel. It's tougher than usual without your partner but you will get there.

  25. Hi there. My CoS status is also changed to used. It's been 20 days since yours. Have you received the visa?

  26. Yes, already in UK working. I got the visa exactly 10 days after CoS status was updated. And the visa approval date was the same date as the CoS status changed.

  27. That's awesome. Congratulations. This means visa is issued to you. Good luck in UK

  28. yes, shortage occupation. The asked for the qualification or experience in that particular role. I applied myself.

  29. Which occupation if you don't mind my asking? Which document did you provide them with? I didn't know they ask for such proof

  30. Healthcare, I provided the experience letter. They did not ask intially when i submitted application. I did not send my education certificate that might be the reason they asked.

  31. Oh I see..that could be the case. I submitted my ECCTIS. It costed me a lot as I applied on urgent basis for the certificate

  32. Hi. I'm very sorry to hear that. I have also applied from Pakistan. Do you have any update?

  33. Yes please share your country. Congratulations on your visa btw

  34. It's devastating that they took the whole 6 months only to refuse.

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