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  1. This is what you expect when people cant function while stoned

  2. Put it on like they expected her to snort it

  3. Trainspotting. If you've seen the movie you just know the scene...

  4. No worries man i feel like we've all been there. Some not as bad as in front of 5th and 6th graders, but im sure plenty more have done it in worse situations. First time it happened to me I was working a new job, thankfully the boss wasn't there haha. Had to work the rest of the day with a hole up the thigh and right up the butt in denim pants. Had an interesting tan for a while after

  5. Be able to smoke so i can drink at the same time 😅

  6. Guess I'm preparing aliens then. Im only a cannibal if i eat what i prepare, right?

  7. Find a haynes book. If i had mine with me id send you the picture but on the inside of either the front or back cover they show a bunch of spark plug examples and what the different looks mean

  8. You don't need a book, the same pictures are easy to find online.

  9. Granted, but having the book specifically for their vehicle is one of the best things to do, especially if you don't know much

  10. Well which one? The third is my favorite out of them but the newest one looks so dumb i dont think ill try it

  11. All we have is 2 lane roundabouts and... What you did was wrong. I get it probably wasn't where you are but that would get you pulled over so quick if a cop saw. Granted I see cops go through roundabouts without their blinker even though I got a ticket doing the same shit

  12. Honestly believed pornhub would at least be in the running for top

  13. Wait.... This was shortly after they (your parents) met? And you were 8 at the time? Either you suck at math, they're your foster parents, or he was a sperm donor and this was a really weird coincidence..

  14. Or he considers his step dad as his actual parent figure. My brothers have different dads but mine has stuck around and tried his hardest so even thought they aint fully his, hes their father now

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