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This dog helped get attention for his dog friend who was injured

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  1. A lot of places you'd expect to be chill places to discuss a hobby have been overtaken by diehards who have made that hobby their personality and they're fuckin dicks about it.

  2. Seriously this one. I got banned from this sub for having a true unpopular opinion, a mod takes it down, I message the mod asking directly and they told me it wasn't an opinion so I ask how is that possible and then boom I'm banned

  3. This whole act by China was simply to test the waters A) how long something like this can stay undetected & B) what the immediate response of the US is. They don't actually give a damn about this balloon or what it might 'record', tis just a game to gauge America's response and proof of product of their technology.

  4. This is an interesting theory and seems most likely tbh

  5. I always get strange looks when I put peanut butter with my waffles and syrup

  6. Wow this is one of the first movies I fell in love with, to discover a new fact such as this one is amazing to me

  7. Just to live and consume water is pretty unfairly priced if you ask me

  8. Everyone having differing options, everyone having a different set of likes/dislikes somehow making it okay to have no respect for one another. Weird world

  9. For the love of God, please get that guy a new collar.

  10. There is always Someone like you that comments about the collar who has no knowledge behind it, the reasons and the logistics of why there is that typ𝔢....

  11. If you need that collar to control that dog, you need a different dog. I won't praise what I consider abuse.

  12. ROFL Clyde has been my best friend for 10 years in July, we respect each other and he looks up to me for everything. Nah we good. And plus do more research before youre making assumptions, it makes you look ignorant

  13. I had to make a difficult decision on my mothers behalf because I was next of kin. she was passing from organ failure from being such an aggressive alcoholic. Upon arriving they had to wrestle her and put an oxygen mask on her which from her history of domestic violence sent her to having a heart attack (only 51) and lost too much oxygen to the brain, no one even got to say goodbye, Her body was just being kept on by machines. At one point or another in the span of the week I spent at the hospital (april'21) one day I walked into her room and I could tell her soul had left her vessel, hardest thing I ever had to do was sign the papers. They told me there was a slight chance she could come back but even if she did she would definitely have to go on a donor list which could take months and also I would be responsible (bc no one else in my family gave a fuck) for hospice which I couldn't for the life of me allow myself to take care of her with a hole in her throat and a feeding tube, changing her clothes, her never being able to even walk or talk again.

  14. Maybe stand up for yourself and walk away instead of inflating this person With a sense that you have respect for them

  15. You have unlocked a part of my memory that has been hidden for decades now.

  16. Not necessarily true. Back in dial-up days, the internet took a few minutes to load, so you played them while waiting.

  17. Indeed. When I went working with my dad and wanted to play a game on the office computer it was the only thing available. Good days but I prefer today's games lol

  18. oh i agree absolutely! pretty unforgettable how far video games have come

  19. I have food poisoning and this just made me cry with happiness

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