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Gov. DeSantis signs legislation proclaiming Nov. 7 as ‘Victims of Communism Day’

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  1. I watched this and the remake. I made the mistake of watching the remake high as fuck. I kept not breathing when people were stuck underwater. Had like 80 God damned panic attacks. What a ride!

  2. "Your parents aborted you, welcome to hell!" - God, apparently

  3. Worse still, wouldn't God send that soul into that fetus with a reasonable idea that those parents were likely to make the choice of aborting it? I mean, let's assume we all have free will, and God doesn't actually have a plan. Still, our choices can be reasonably predicted when past experience, previous choices, current view points, current environmental conditions, and brain chemistry are taken into account. Surely God would have access to these data points.

  4. I'm pro trans, and I walked away with a different experience from that special. I quite enjoyed it.

  5. Won't someone think of the shareholders?! They do absolutely nothing to contribute, but they really ought to be put first!

  6. I could see this actually. I think most men enjoy a hug, but it’s maybe not the relaxing feeling of support it is to most women. When I hug my partner it’s like “ahhhh”, like I’m setting all my troubles down for a few moments (I’m female). It’s like a mini-emotional reset. I’d love to hear from men if they feel that way.

  7. So, for me, I see how much my wife is positively impacted by a hug, especially after a terrible experience, or stressful day

  8. I have the same problem, and the only tip I have is going back to re-read. Even still, I often walk away from a story with a feeling rather than a detailed recollection of events. If someone says, "Remember X part?" I find that I can recall it with a reminder that it happened, but I would be an unreliable source of information if you asked me for details about the book I finished reading yesterday. The same goes for a movie adaptation. When the movie differs from the book, I will notice, even if I couldn't recall the moment before seeing the movie.

  9. Right now is the part of the trial where they get her to lie her ass off, then rebuttal comes later where they bring in an expert witness to demonstrate exactly how she lied.

  10. The court's session ends in late June, which is the latest the decision could be released.

  11. When does the next session start, and couldn't they wait until then?

  12. "Social media isn't part of the constitution!" -Supreme Court, probably.

  13. Why can we not treat them like the GQP does Madison Cawthorn?

  14. We could. It would change anything, but we could. Then they could switch parties out of spite and the Dems lose the majority. Gotta pay attention to the process or you'll always be wondering why things are happening the way they are. Lots of details, but it would be nice if it were as simple as 51/50.

  15. Manchin already doesn't vote with the dems. So what it actually lost? Semantic shift in power seeing as how the dems haven't exactly put a stamp on things. Largely due to ineffective centrists and these two DINOs.

  16. It's more than a semantic shift in power. You should learn more about the Senate and what powers the majority hold. Biden is confirming judges left and right thanks to the Dem majority. It seems like nothing because it isn't an immediate change, but it's a big deal.

  17. U made those structures, or the coming with the seed?

  18. I made these. They need a lot of interior work still, but I made them.

  19. well to be fair the movie that just came looked exactly like the just wasn't any good :(

  20. Oh man, it was a shit show! Me and my son's couldn't stop laughing at it. It was the very specific times they kept flashing on the screen that got us the most. 1:23 AM. Like, just say 1:15 or 1:30. High budget B movies are really something!

  21. About as Florida as you can get

  22. Other red states like: "Oh, we can just make up days, and shit?" licks lips

  23. Oh man! Make a cube with 5-6 bubbles and you can create more controlled laser interactions for the player and make code cubes. Certainly bubbles need lighting in a certain order!

  24. You're like the opposite of artists who can't draw hands

  25. Would be so funny if Republicans didn't vote bc they think it's rigged.

  26. It would be, but they'll vote. All the while, young Dem voters will withhold their vote and stew over Dems not having done enough because they don't really understand the details regarding the real political situation in D.C. outside of "Dems have the House, Senate, and WH! What gives?"

  27. That's what a lot of people don't realize. They think they can vote once and see results. You have to vote every single time. It's likely the asshole you want to get rid up won't be up for getting the boot until a different election.

  28. Yes, but also keep voting while you protest. Both things can be done at the same time.

  29. Look at me, violently not attending church and violently not praying! Oh no!

  30. Well, what about all the babies we eat? That's pretty violent TBH. /s

  31. Yes. Technically true. If you try to scale it, it will fall appart.

  32. So, you don't have to scale it? You can just tear it down? I don't think this is a barrier of any kind then...

  33. No, not on this issue. I support a woman's right to choose, but the majority of the Senate does not. There are two Senate Dems that are actually republicans. I don't get how people don't understand this yet.

  34. NGL the shortened version is pretty dammed funny. But being as he has a stutter I wanted to see what he was actually trying to say and found the transcript from the speech the clip was from.

  35. Seems like this post is a video one of my conservative relatives would send me as a "look! He's lost his mind" then I'd reply with the full clip and they would never bring it up again, until another shitty video edit comes out with him looking dumb again.

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