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  1. I personally HATE vacuum abilities (DM, KG, JS, etc.), like, on a fundamental level, so I already hated that about Idina. Skillshots are cool, but it was just a tiny version of Accretion, so it felt rather uninspired. Personally, Halt was far more interesting and the barrier was great for both offensive and defensive plays.

  2. I'm confused, isn't halt a vacuum ability? And Terra Surge as well?

  3. By "vacuum", I mean damage negation abilities that absorb an infinite amount of damage from particular sources. Unlike barriers, which can provide consistent damage reduction, vacuum abilities basically stall out your opponent's damage output for a couple seconds. Currently, there's only 4 as of OW2 (Kinetic Grasp, Defense Matrix, Deflect, and Javelin Spin).

  4. Oh I see, yeah I thought you meant that suck you in.

  5. This guy hasn't pulled the ol lemonade for pussy maneuver. What a beta.

  6. The answer is yes, a whole host of people have brain worms.

  7. I worked for them for 3 years. The deal with the independent board is now over and unilever makes all the purchasing decisions. Ben and jerrys is just a face now. Cheaper ingredients, significantly worse working conditions, and much worse quality in the last few years.

  8. I fucking knew it tasted worse. I thought I was going crazy that B&J wasn't as good as it used to be. The ice cream tastes like Breyers now.

  9. Costco is definitely in a great spot. They can force inflationary prices to not increase as much due to their buying power making consumers more willing to shop there.

  10. I get a housekeeper to deep clean my house and even that gives me creep vibes and they get paid pretty well too (somewhere like $25-30 an hour). I don't think it's bad to have people help you with things, but treat them like a human being and pay them fairly.

  11. Middle managers are notoriously bad at knowing how productive anyone is. There's definitely people slacking at home, but who gives a shit. Make up a productivity metric and stick by it. People will get it done and most will get it done better at home and be happier since they aren't wasting time commuting or being distracted chit chatting for hours (I used to waste days of my time conversing at work, now I'm a hermit at home and couldn't be happier).

  12. I mean, DND is pretty religious when you think about it. Lots of Gods and good vs evil stuff, devils, demons, paladins, holy angels - stuff like that.

  13. It's pretty blasphemous though if you actually care. (Lots of gods that aren't Yahweh".

  14. Just kill a baby lamb on a copy of the DMG, that'll probably work.

  15. It's the lowest in the history of the italian republic though... it's a problem. There are still many people who are convinced voting isn't gonna change anything. We're really lacking in education to citizenship and i fear it's only going to get worse

  16. They're about to find out how important it is to vote.

  17. And I'm saying that the only rights they have are for autonomy. It doesn't matter when you're alive. If you require someone else to keep you that way.

  18. The air quality in their apartment will get the final laugh.

  19. This is the best part, it released not only carbon dioxide in his house making it less oxygen dense, but also carbon monoxide and all of the nasty chemicals in the gas. Cancer is laughing at him.

  20. A gang of murderers, human sex traffickers, and beheading pieces of shit

  21. I tried the 109s compared to the elite side by side at Canjam and I thought they both did incredible on the high end, but the Elites definitely took the cake on the bass end.

  22. Are you a native English speaker? Based on the amount of mistakes I would wager your drafts aren't really that great. If you're going to ask for help, I would proofread your request first. Profession screenwriters aren't trolling reddit to help out people for free.

  23. Same reason why some people steal even though they have the means to buy what they want.

  24. You can refi out of a higher interest rate but you can't refi out of inflated closing price.

  25. People thinking I didn't buy my main house right now at 4.99% and re-fied down to 2.5%

  26. That's the position taken by every male I've ever known when they can't find the clitoris.

  27. All of his supporters eat this shit up. They're probably all living on stolen valor wearing veterans hats when they likely didn't serve. Republicans don't give a shit about veterans.

  28. Imagine thinking everyone has access to a Costco let alone knowing their chicken prices.

  29. It's quite famous and Walmart sucks donkey balls.

  30. I know what Costco is, but have never been inside its doors.

  31. I mean the chicken prices are a very famous thing. But I get it, they're not everywhere. It was just a light jab.

  32. The protestors should call for the execution of the Iranian State Organized marchers.

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