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  1. Looks like the beautiful Cedar Waxwing. They're not usually alone so I'm sure the rest of the flight has got to be close by.

  2. Any chance you could also edit out the red wristband on my girlfriend's right arm? I'll shoot you over a tip right after!!

  3. This! You just removed anyone's opportunity to complain about anything less than losing a limb in this group, forever. Awesome.

  4. I don't really like any of the food skins (I know, crucify me...) but this (Salami Soldier?) is so fucking dope. Well done.

  5. Seems like he'd fit right in with the Mariner's bullpen

  6. We haven't won back to back games since April 26th. Jesus Christ.

  7. I feel like Logan called Julio's shot, the way JP looked back at him. Or JP is just amazed at the size of Julio's dong. TBD

  8. I do for the first few weeks, then once the class is well underway I determine if I really need to or not. I'd say 60-70% of the time I read them.

  9. Tacoma is playing right now and Kelenic just struck out swinging at a pitch 3 feet off the plate and high :(

  10. Let me know if you guys see me on ROOT. I'm the guy in the green jersey that's fuckin drunk.

  11. Going to put my dog down today at 330. So ill miss the game. Daisy just wanted to say to yall GOMs one more time!! And she says Julio is the one!

  12. So sorry for your loss, I know it's the most heart breaking feeling out there. I hope you can find some comfort this weekend. I'm sure Daisy lived a full and happy life with you.

  13. With us heading to face the Mets, I feel like it's brought pretty widespread attention to the Kelenic/Cano/Diaz trade and we're getting laughed at like crazy. My two thoughts on it:

  14. And it's Hoskins this week who comes in and has butt sex with us for three straight games. I'll remember this if we miss the playoffs by a couple games.

  15. I'm obviously a huge Kelenic fan, but by no means am I trying to white-knight him here.

  16. Did somebody in the pen steal Jean's girl or something? Why is he pointing out there?

  17. Can we take every person (except Edgar and Ichiro) who is responsible for developing hitting talent and fire them into the fucking sun?

  18. I'm genuinely curious at how we believe Jarret DeHart who is 27 and batted .250 in college with no other experience would be an effective hitting coach.

  19. I'd imagine that OP is early 20ish that possibly achieved their degree through some financial help of the parents (no shame, me too) and OP worries that their parents wouldn't approve of a OP using their degree to be a lifty.

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