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Chinese workers confront police with guardrails and steel pipes

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Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in prison

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  1. Lol - sure, but… the prices going up? Not so cool.

  2. Local thrift store around me is charging $10+ per vinyl record for busted, long forgotten bands/artist, around $20 for mainstream titles. They wanted $35 for those old school Disney cartoon sound tracks.

  3. I worked in a restaurant once where we made our own American cheese

  4. For me the older I get the less fucks I have to give. That really does seem to help because I don't worry about people's feelings, don't rehearse conversations in my head and could care less about things I used to worry about way too much.

  5. How do you differentiate between really giving less fucks, compared to giving less fucks as a coping/avoidance mechanism?

  6. You can be great at something (like a job) and get passed over for someone who’s better liked but actually isn’t good at the job.

  7. I’m still trying to get over influenza A. Fuck them birds.

  8. Why do you watch shows on the smaller tv?? Not hating, just curious. Incredible trip cave btw

  9. Good to see I'm not the only one that prefers nature videos over "trippy" videos.

  10. There's no barn yard smell if it's very clean and properly prepared! My mother taught me " only use very white honeycomb tripe, don't use any that's even a little grayish, scrape away as much fat as possible. Cut into bite size pieces and soak in refrigerator for at least 6 hours in water and vinegar. Rinse well before cooking."

  11. It makes me happy that those rich fucks have the same micro plastic that we have. At the end of it all, the pawn and the king go in the same box.

  12. Only difference is they have the money to pay for medical treatment and have access to healthier/less contaminated food

  13. Hate to say this too, but every time you're offered to "buy a X for the troops." We never see it, because it ends up as a scaled down cash donation to a "organization" of various quality.

  14. I rolled my eyes when a seller listed a couple of Funko Pop Green Ranger (Power Rangers…the actor that passed recently from suicide) for sale and half of that will allegedly be going to some suicide prevention center

  15. You have to simply use common sense to select an area. In some wealthy neighborhoods people will object. They will call the police. The police will come by and ask you to move on. Stay out of bad neighborhoods. And pay careful attention to your surroundings. A guy was shot and killed recently sleeping in his car in a wealthy neighborhood when a gang of thieves came by to steal the catalytic converter. Guy got out of his car and the thieves shot him.

  16. Hope the car drops on their head next time those thieves go stealing catalytic converters

  17. just make your own. buy heavy whipping cream and add some vanilla and whip it.

  18. Always pee before leaving the house. Think there are going to be bathrooms at Runyon? No. Think you can stop at a Starbucks on your way to work if you’re stuck in traffic and pee there? Do not count on it; many don’t have actual bathroom access. Gas stations? Probably not.

  19. PROTIP: this kinda applies to guys only but carry a empty Gatorade bottle in the car

  20. This is why natural fat has gotten such a bad wrap. Reversed my high blood pressure eating meat, bacon fat, avocados, and coconut oil.

  21. Oh yeah, that’s a good one too! I use to make salads with it, but nothing is better than coconut oil! You can use it just like corn oil and it will not burn like EVOO, but it’s awesome is certain dishes!

  22. Oh yea I only use olive oil (a good pure olive oil...not blended like most brands. I trust Costco's Kirkland brand...their California one) for salads

  23. By the end of Afghanistan we were sending generations that had not even been around during 9/11. But hey, at least Cheney and his friends got their oil. The military industrial complex got to keep chugging which is really what is important in this current system. Oh, and we treat our vets like crap post war so no. If we really wanted to honor our veterans we would fully take care of them.

  24. I think it's just the fact that there are so many older (and way cheaper now) games I have never played or finished that it's hard to justify spending $60 in a new release.

  25. You’re only jealous because you’ve been lied to about the profitability of it.

  26. Can we throw Bezos in there too? In a two bedroom apartment with bunk beds and loud neighbors?

  27. And house arrest when you're a millionaire is a joke. They should put them in a studio apartment with roaches, a hard mattress, and no wi-fi.

  28. Heavily gated product with a fierce legal team. You can’t even sell those at comic conventions in my state it’s policed that much.

  29. Apparently the rumor is they have undercover people walking around looking at merch/booths, grab a business card from the vendor, and send them cease and desist if they are selling counterfeits or not approved to sell or something

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