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I've never written anything before, but I think this turned out ok...

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  1. To clarify to the guy who had his comment removed: yes it's really me :)

  2. Except that it's Portuguese, and not Spanish, ahahah. But don't feel bad. The two languages share a lot of words. And if you understand Spanish, you will be able to understand Portuguese into a certain degree.

  3. So, uh, how much do i have to exactly pay for the 512gb version after taxes and shipping and handling?

  4. I had the total opposite experience.

  5. That means that the minoxidil (Rogaine) is probably working. It causes a shed to the weak hairs, and slowly regrows stronger hairs back in their place so long as you keep using it.

  6. I used it for like three- four years.

  7. SM at my small store in south Atlantic makes 6 figures before bonus, which can be up to 50% of their salary twice a year so I mean.

  8. I noticed that after you become an assistant manager, you're set. You make very good money.

  9. Driving the machines will be the least of your worries. Handling RTVs and keyrec orders will be your biggest time consuming tasks. Then hazmat, preparing for end to end, doing the paperwork, shipping out items, handling trucks and big merchandise, and such tasks is what overwhelms you.

  10. What the hell is that??? Is that really a controller? People seriously use that to play the game?

  11. I saw something about churches doing same thing. Apparently this is quite common in other countries.

  12. The AMC movie theater in Jersey gardens uses a cellphone jammer. No one in the movie theater could get a cellphone signal unless they stepped outside the room.

  13. I like how there's the complete deniers and then there's the paranoid as hell and will do everything to prevent from catching COVID. Then there's the inbetweeners who take the shot and then stop caring about COVID completely.

  14. It only gets easier when you start to accept yourself. Feeling this way isn't wrong nor should you feel stupid or bad about it. It's part of the healing process.

  15. I am dating an avoidant... I can tell by your answer that you have NO IDEA how to handle an avoidant, and should not be giving advice. This advice that you wrote, one good way to send the avoidant running for the hills.

  16. What you're describing, in very few words, is to entertain the idea that you shouldn't express your needs and feelings in the relationship. You need balance, you need to understand his needs and feelings as much as him understanding yours. It's the simple basic formula of communication.

  17. There’s 4 tech jacket trades, 3? Brit trades, 4 Astounding Wolf Man trades, 1 Capes trade, 1 Atom and Eve trade, 2 Invincible Universe trades, and 2 guarding the globe trades. 17 trades total.

  18. Are they all written by the same author?

  19. Do you run your wires down to your desktop to the lower floor or do you have another desktop to run that game?

  20. Maybe his doesn't work and his landlord refuses to fix it? So, he took the initiative?

  21. I remember i had to code a responsive website for my website design class in college.

  22. I'll be honest, I've never finished watching Shrek or watched any of the sequels. The only reason why i watched the first one was because I was in highschool and my teacher put the movie on during the last few days before summer vacation.

  23. Will there be a way for people to get access to the epic games store or other digital gaming stores? I'm guessing only if you install windows or through the web browser?

  24. If it can work in Linux, it probably can work, however, it'll require a bit of work to get it running. Not all games will be compatible though, unless they have official Linux support.

  25. That sucks because that's just separating the PC market. Now you can only play steam games. But makes sense being it's a "steam made product".

  26. As a person who doesn't know anything about football, i don't like how the sports team name doesn't match their logo. You say 49ers and Packers, I see SF and G on screen. I'm assuming, based on the sentence, 49ers is SF and the Packers is G.

  27. They can search before posting the same question for the 37th time tbh, unless reddit is just the new yahoo answers

  28. So, how come no other movie has mentioned his appearance?

  29. It's not even awful, it's weird and sometimes outright bizarre.

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