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  1. One of the best gifts my husband ever got me was replacing the battery in my watch for me. It was one of our first years together and we were dirt poor and had agreed to a very small spending limit. I worked three jobs to pay for school and so I had almost no free time to take my watch to the repair place to get the battery switched (this was back in the old days where you couldn't get everything shipped directly to you). The actual gift wasn't the new battery as much as it was him paying attention to how he could make my life easier. Rather than buying me something cheap, he gave me the gift of time in my life.

  2. NTA - and run 🚩🚩🚩 a loving, supportive, and caring partner would NEVER treat you like this. I am so sorry for all of your losses this year 😔. Make sure you are surrounded by people who love and care about you in such a challenging time; it may be time to think as to what he brings to the relationship and whether he is doing more harm than good

  3. The fact that he's calling 4-6 hours "all day" makes me feel like the boyfriend's issue revolves mostly about her not being there to provide him with childcare from noon-6. Especially in light of his complaint that the children never get a day off with her where she's not leaving at some point. Even in my house where my kids live with both parents, there's rarely a day when both adults remain at home the whole time. It's not a reasonable expectation to have that she can't leave the house when the kids are there. People need to work, grocery shop, see friends, visit family on Christmas, etc.

  4. NTA. That's just petty. You absolutely should talk about this matter. And your mother is also an asshole for basically allowing your sibling to steal money from you.

  5. Not to mention that OP's mother was likely the one who packed those pyjamas for OP's daughter to wear for the sleepover. This issue runs far deeper than just the aunt.

  6. I appreciate your effort here, but I never called OP lazy and specifically said she wasn't an asshole in this situation so I don't appreciate those words being put in my mouth. Your last three sentences are all about figuring out where to begin which are all areas that I offered suggestions for how to do without judgement for her potentially not knowing that already. I also addressed places she could go to get the necessary supports to help her with these tasks. Ultimately before you get behind the wheel on public roads, you need to understand when you have right of way and what the road signs mean, if she needs help figuring out how to learn those, that's fine, but it still needs to be done before the stepmom sits in the passenger seat and at this point that hasn't been done.

  7. You're conflating "this is your responsibility" and "if you want to do this optional task, these are the aspects that will be your responsibility". Op doesn't need to learn to drive. It is not one of her responsibilities. You're also adding in words like "simply refusing to do what they should". I didn't say "simply" and I didn't say OP should learn to drive nor did I say she had no reason for not having already learned. At 19 I didn't drive yet either.

  8. I agree. I don't know the traditions around this so I'm hesitant to weigh in on that aspect, but there's no way to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who tried to do this behind your back. This would have also harmed your relationship with your sister had she done what was asked. It seems she knows her request was not something you'd agree to and tried to go about it in a deceptive way.

  9. Your doctor is unprofessional and was dismissive of the problem before. You need a new doctor for your son. And you should not remove your post. While you didn't put it out there to review his practice explicitly, it is useful information for the others in the group. NTA and good luck finding help for your son!

  10. Doctor cares more about his reputation than her child. Tells you everything you need to know that only now is he interested in actually getting to the bottom of whatever is going on. I agree the post should stay up so other parents know what they're getting with this jerk.

  11. Info what does he usually spend his allowance and the $60 from his parents on? Why isn't he on disability, is it in the works but going slow or is he ineligible?

  12. INFO: Which part is true? The "I've never met him" part, the "I've never talked to him" part, the part where you say you "tried to talk to him, but he said nothing back" or the part where you say he was rude to you?

  13. Adding on to the info request, how does the offer to pay for an RN to be there for her health needs reconcile with him not being welcome because it's exclusive to family and friends? Why would a stranger who is an RN be acceptable but he isn't? Seems like there's a layer to this that isn't being shared.

  14. The RN wouldn’t actually be there but she’d be on call, at least that’s what I was told could happen.

  15. You obviously can have full say over your guest list. And your friend has every right to opt not to come because she doesn't feel safe/comfortable with the situation. She can't control your guest list but she's not an asshole for changing her mind about coming when you changed your mind about him attending. If your guests don't want to attend the event you're throwing that's also acceptable.

  16. I feel like Monique and Monet interacting with each other outside of challenges is funnier than half of the scripted challenges. My favourite moment is when Monet was 'teaching' Asia and Monique about how the British evolved their accent to sound different after returning from America.

  17. It's how a lot of guys in trades, construction, or other male dominated jobs are.. lots of sexual innuendo/comments, sick humor, or being inappropriat. It's like the equivalent to the dark humor seen in many medical fields.

  18. You said you understand it so I asked for where the humour was. What you've replied is just that it happens and who does it. Nowhere do you explain the humour or show understanding of the why behind it. It seems like you don't actually understand it.

  19. They didn’t say they understood the joke, they said they understand [the concept of] shop humour. That is exactly what they have responded with - and, in their original comment, they’ve already said that it’s not okay. Calm down.

  20. This situation is great. The fact that it's your parents who are most concerned about his relationship with his kids and not, ya know, him(!) tells us everything we need to know about him as a dad.

  21. In Villainous if Captain Hook moves to the space where the crocodile is he must discard his hand. I had to explain the pun to my husband because he did not understand why I was laughing.

  22. Fair enough. But it sound like the problem is that you just don't like these people.

  23. Yep. Seems like the tipping point was when OP felt her daughter wasn't being treated well by the friend.

  24. NTA. But the great thing is that she really wants to have something to submit to their ethics section and now she has a story that actually involves her that she can ask about. And on that note...this situation seems detailed and specific and is now posted online - cue the Alanis Morissette

  25. Okay no more Alanis. I was team you either way. Hopefully she'll read the replies and understand that your emotional needs aren't some interesting thought experiment and that you needed a mother not a newspaper subscriber to talk to. There are absolutely times I'm feeling petty or close minded and while I don't want my husband to egg those feelings on, I appreciate that he can listen to me vent when I need to and not assume those moments make up my personality or are how I intend to behave. And in this situation it's not even petty to say you'd be uncomfortable watching your best friend and ex start dating! That's so incredibly reasonable. And in fact has already been covered by many of the ms manners and ethics type advice givers. It's a remarkably settled topic.

  26. Jackie Hoffman is a famous theater actress. I’m sure that she doesn’t need the money for a side role in an critically acclaimed series. She’s the killer.

  27. Bunny has a Tony (and several more noms), if Uma needed a partner...we know they listened to the podcast together. My thinking is the same, pretty much from the moment she gave Charles the finger I had my suspicions raised.

  28. I may have agreed with you on this before because the drum I keep beating is that she's in so many key moments. Right at the very beginning when the show starts, right when Charles has to decide to go to his audition or blow it off to investigate with Mabel, when they're breaking into Teddy's, when we first learn the cat died, etc. Uma's always reminding us of her presence.

  29. This is it. It fits perfectly. And I'll even add on to suggest that Sting was the one who turned Tim. Look up the lyrics he wrote for Moon Over Bourbon Street. He's the Anne Rice style tortured conscience vampire (also an 80s rock star like Lestat). Sting admitted to killing Tim, which he did when he turned him into a vampire, and then he later got angry at him and tried to convince Tim to end his eternal life. Anita is his familiar not just his assistant. His apartment has a gothic style to its decor. Charles even alludes to how nobody knows the real Sting and that can be isolating and make one act poorly. His diet has been written about differently every time it comes up, sometimes he's a raw vegan, sometimes vegan, sometimes it's a macrobiotic diet. The real reason he doesn't spell it out is because leaving it ambiguous means he always has an excuse to not eat something served to him in public.

  30. I like Bunny and Uma for it. They both seem to show up when the story needs a little push. When Mabel met Charles on the elevator on his way to his audition and he had to decide whether to blow it off or not it was Uma who prompted him to choose what he was going to do. It was Uma who shifted the first building meeting from mourning Tim to mourning the cat when she overheard them talking to Howard. Uma popped out the door when Charles and Mabel were breaking in at Teddy's. Bunny had Tim's package. Bunny seems to be the one calling the building meetings which allow us to meet other tenants. Bunny's calling up Oliver's debts is what made him open up more to Charles about his financial situation and eventually attempt to move in with him. Bunny and Uma listened to the podcast together so they are either somewhat close or want to keep and eye on each other. And both seem like they have been in the building for ages so if there are ties to the Hardy Boys years then they would have been around during that period. They'd also have had lots of time to collect skeletons in their closets.

  31. I think it’s Oscar’s father. He has motive(Tim never came forward and ruined his son’s life), he has keys to all the apartments(he’s the maintenance man), he easily could have pulled the fire alarm as a distraction and still stay in the building. He knows Theo really committed the crime but the Dimas’ are too powerful.

  32. Info, what about the rest of the chores? You've listed some of the obvious things but so much of what is involved in running a household is missing from your list.

  33. I had this thought about 19 bodies and posted awhile back. Think there must be something to it, especially when we have a secret room filled with urns at the Dimas house. Still don't get why all those urns were needed for their graverobbing, think we're missing something there, especially with the whole fireplace/vent thing. Cheers!

  34. Yeah the urns are super weird. A room filled with them is instantly suspicious, whereas shoeboxes are easier to stack and label and far less conspicuous if you need to take one out of the room. Nobody would look twice if you left your apartment carrying two bankers boxes but two urns is going to draw attention.

  35. That's an excellent point. Another reason people might be afraid to stop by for therapy or brisket and yet no mention.

  36. Thank you! I think there's the chance that he didn't totally trust the police, either, but felt it was his best option at the time because he was in a lot of danger so he left clues for Mabel. He put the jewels in the Hardy Boys books and made the video message so that, even if he didn't make it, there'd be some evidence as to what he was trying to do.

  37. This is the only theory so far that answers why the police hadn't run any of the proper investigations. But the phone being in police custody is a sticking point. If Tim was alive and arranged this scene, why would he leave his real phone behind? If Tim purposefully left it for Mabel to find then the password would probably have been something she would have been able to quickly guess, not something that required her to solve a decade old murder before gaining access.

  38. I mean the joke was set up in such a way to definitely make us think that, that guy talking to Charles was like Jan's side-piece or something (and that's why she didn't want him to come to the concert). And the joke would be less "asian men are interchangable" and more "Jan has a TYPE".

  39. I agree that the scene was set up to make you think the guy next to Charles was going to say he was dating Jan. But I don't think the goal was a joke about Jan having a type, I think the point was to make you think you knew where it was going and then surprise you by going in a different direction when the new chair got brought out. The misdirection before the reveal made it all the more surprising. I don't think it was silly or a gag, it built the tension of the final moments.

  40. The cat being a literal cat burglar is what I thought of too the moment they mentioned it wandering in and out of everyone's windows. It would make sense that Tim would distance himself from the cat when around others if he was worried she'd make a delivery around witnesses.

  41. Not having a 13th floor is fairly standard in North American buildings. I would notice if there was a 13th floor since that would be the novelty.

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