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  • By - DeV91

  1. I mean the police are already doing strip searches and taking a good look at your genitals. :feels_good_man:

  2. Always accept payment first mate. Get someone to setup a simple paypal integration and website for you.

  3. Honestly if you need to micromanage your RELEASE DAY it aint going to happen. You got quality? you drop it? its going to take off.

  4. The dev is overdressed and shaved. Probably a junior.

  5. Never trust a ""developer"" without a beard

  6. You may be surprised if you looked at their financial reports. Your view is to simplistic


  8. Well no you said starting a business. Which an abn is free is free... therefore there is no cost barrier to starting a business.

  9. You literally just said business names are free and they aren't.

  10. One of my squad members cat is perputually in front of his camera. Very enjoyable.

  11. I lean slightly more that way, but still think people should be able to do whatever they want if they aren't hurting anyone. abortion is fine, drugs should be legal. Mainly just the economic stuff is right. The stripping personal liberties shit is weird on both sides.

  12. John Carmacks take on this is the only rational take

  13. The funny thing is google trains AI with captcha responses, so their robots literally could answer the im not a robot question, probably with a better first pass rate than most humans.

  14. release due on fri with about 20 features I wrote, cypress e2e passed, unit tests passing is a given, tomorrow is still me basically doing QA on QA server. :feels_good_man:

  15. A normal day at work is 3 monitors filled with that.

  16. You are going to need a strategy to funnel and retain players, patreon can be part of that. You need to offer something of value in return, not just devlogs tho.

  17. The industry will always need 3d modellers who can do realistic character models

  18. Nice. I've been working in steadily in programming for more than ten years, mostly ecommerce sites, and smaller projects for about another four years prior.

  19. I think they are, they have jobs posted. Going to have to negotiate the salary tho

  20. I pay for a gardener right before every inspection, it's not my garden I don't give a shit

  21. Was good played it through 3 times 1 hit everything with demon weapons on everyone now lmao

  22. Use something warm to melt the glue :/

  23. Ah the old "my actions have consequences and stop easy money coming in; better apologise"

  24. Hah until someone git blames your work

  25. Woah we are getting 10% of what we gave to minorities and we just laugh it off because deep down we know we are priveleged and it doesn't mean shit or effect us at all.

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