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  1. So I think I found the fix for the bug where the drone bombers don’t deploy and you end up driving around forever. When Price tells you to split up and jump to another vehicle you have to wait until you are beside the pickup truck and hijack that. If you jump early on one of the big trucks it doesn’t initiate the next sequence of the mission (drone bombers). I had to restart the mission to figure this out, as the previous checkpoint didn’t go back far enough

  2. Was having the exact same problem, restarted the mission and waited specifically for the pickup truck the waypoint indicates and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Jordan is correct is what the OP says, you do literally activate epigenetic “powers” by eustressing yourself and having your genes expressed differently, as well as the environmental influences you mentioned.

  4. So you didn’t actually read the thing. Got it.

  5. Worth taking a serious look at the SOFLETE programming tailored specifically for the Selection process. It’s designed by folks who have completed the programs you’re interested in completing.

  6. Clear Creek Trail, just 5 minutes south of Carson City.

  7. Ha, same latitude as lake Tahoe, is that really northern Nevada? I was wondering where you found those trees in the desert that is Northern Nevada.

  8. Part of Tahoe is in Northern Nevada technically. This is about 4 miles east of the lake as the crow flies.

  9. Such a shame that she barely ever does scenes anymore. She's another one that's all about OnlyFans. She's done what, like 3 mainstream scenes in the past year?

  10. No. She’s a Brazzers contract star and all her new scenes are on there.

  11. My rescue Luna does not enjoy having her collar removed. You can see the anxiety build as soon as it’s off, and the instant relaxation when it goes back on.

  12. Yep. Exactly how I did mine. The flashbacks are real.

  13. I came off remarkably similar to this last week and my collarbone is STILL sore af.

  14. I don’t believe you and I looked longer than I wanted to to verify

  15. It’s there. I probably shouldn’t have spent the time I did looking, but it’s there.

  16. Holy Voodoo is my wife’s favorite rub for pork or chicken.

  17. Found these a couple days ago, and finally after years of friends suggesting the story I dove in. Just finished Exile and will be starting Sojourn immediately. I’m ashamed it took me this long to read the Drizzt novels.

  18. You have no idea how excited I am to try this.

  19. What fender eliminator do you have on here? Looks great

  20. I was REALLY hoping you were gonna say that, that’s the one I’ve had my eye on for my Street Cup. Thanks!

  21. It’s my wife’s bike. When she’s not “borrowing” the Street Cup now anyway.

  22. They only ever called it a war on drugs so it wouldn't be so obvious that it is actually a war on people.

  23. *poor people, specifically. But you right.

  24. +1 for Kings of the Wyld, and it’s sequel Bloody Rose. Both very good.

  25. Go to the site, search her name, and pay for it. Pay for your porn.

  26. I just finished this trilogy on Monday, and damn was it fun.

  27. Learning some form of orienteering helps a ton, map and compas, lat/long, MGRS, etc. land nav courses will help cultivate skills and then it’s time to pick an azimuth and head off.

  28. For that price it’s so worth it. I can’t wait for a sequel.

  29. “Wet” and “semen” are two different things. This is the latter.

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