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  1. Never specifically been to that festival, but if it's financially feasible for you to attend then I 100% recommend going. Some of those bands are nearing the end. Gotta catch them while you can. If I lived closer I would absolutely go, no questions asked. Go make memories while you still can my dude.

  2. Are you an attorney in real life, or do you just have a reddit law degree?

  3. I am willing to bet that a Reddit degree holds more value than your "education".

  4. For those that think this is fake. Russia has radar, they know where the Reapers are and they have cameras. Which do you think would be easier. Finding one on radar and sending someone to take a video of it OR creating this to look authentic?

  5. I'm not here to say whether it's fake or not. However I do find it quite odd that the only markings on it are the tail number being "1234". No letters or numbers under the right tail fin, no military insignia on the side. I also most certainly think that spending 30 minutes to download and install a mod would be far easier than an actual mission. You have to be very silly if you think doing the real thing is easier than doing it in a video game. Especially a game that's highly regarded for it's realism.

  6. The tail number isn't 1234, it is 234. What looks like a 1 to you is smaller letters that identify the armed forces it is in. It likely says AF with a number below it. It looks like

  7. I haven't seen anything about the air force removing decals. Care to provide a source?

  8. It's not necessarily metalcore, but my gateway to metalcore (and any music with screaming vocals) was hearing Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu for the first time. I remember it so vividly.

  9. Dude, yes! Another song that just goes balls to the wall right away.

  10. Weird question, you typically see these soldiers using blue and yellow tape to mark themselves but in this video the soldier is using green, is this because they are a "special" unit or is it green because blue and yellow together makes green? Hoping someone much more knowledgeable than me can possibly shed some light on this.

  11. Can we get a thread for the Philadelphia police scanner after this ends? They are going to burn that city down after this ending and losing 3 major championships this last year.

  12. Possibly the best super bowl ever and this is how it ends. Hahaha

  13. That massive scoreboard graphic that hides the bottom receiver certainly won't cause any issues for viewing this game....

  14. Congrats on the win Philly, Chief's continue the coin toss curse.

  15. Dude looks like that was his first time ever holding a guitar.

  16. You started recording in vertical then tried switching to horizontal, you have to turn your phone sideways before recording or else this is the result. Happens to the best of us.

  17. Not Metalcore, but saw Dream Theater on their Train of Thought tour. Venue has upper balcony around floor seating. End of concert drummer throws out drum head like a Frisbee. It flies up by upper deck, then curves away. Guy in upper deck reaches too far out and Peter Pans over the railing.

  18. Oh my God, hopefully he got a signed drum head from the whole band after nearly dying for one. Love the description though, "Peter pan's over the railing" that's a hilarious descriptor for a terrible situation. Hahaha.

  19. I believe so! I have seen both Sylosis and ATB and it might've been the same concert. It was in Fillmore Silver Spring, MD

  20. Pretty sure that was the same tour I saw. If I remember correctly then like 1/3 of the crowd left after Trivium when Devildriver came on. Kind of sad to see.

  21. Only suggestion I have is to run to the other side of the road so you don't get the power lines in the picture(assuming there is no traffic and once the wind starts picking up I don't recommend standing under power lines). Other than that everything looks great.

  22. A phone specifically, Google pixel, a generation or 2 back would probably run you $400-$500. If you are looking to get into the game as a videographer and being on the other side of the barrier, filming sets for the band, then Panasonic Lumix G7.

  23. I would be down to throw down a drum track (programmed) if someone has some riffs. This is my highschool band, recorded this with Josh Schroeder when I was 14, live drums, but replaced the kick and snare with samples. It's more deathcore.

  24. I think you hit the most popular current ones right on the head. As far as all time biggest, I would say, in no particular order, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Architects, A Day To Remember, Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, and As I Lay Dying. I feel like everyone had at least one, or all, of those bands on their Myspace homepage back when the scene was most popular.

  25. Random uninformed citizen with absolutely no military experience here, do they pick up the links in the pile of spent brass to reuse or are they a "one and done" type of thing?

  26. Would be weird not to pick them up IF they are not in combat. In combat, would be extremely stupid to pick them up while bulllets are flying around you LOL

  27. You do have to be some type of nerd to think I was wondering if they would pick it up during an active firefight though.

  28. You can’t sweep with your hand when you’re carrying someone.

  29. You couldn't sweep with a tool or literally anything if you were carrying someone...

  30. A rescue team typically operates in pairs, with the 2nd person being tasked with sounding the floor. The person actually making the grab isn't going to be sounding a floor. I'm very curious how you come to the conclusion that someone would be able to use their hand to operate a tool to sweep but wouldn't be able to use their hand.

  31. Spike Cohen video with all the juicy details.

  32. Sending 30 tanks could "inflict defeat" now imagine what NATO could do if they actually entered the war...

  33. Converge. I've had tickets to see them 3 times, and every single time I've either been far too ill to go (fuck covid), or my transportation fell through.

  34. Damn, that's actually super unfortunate. I bet both summer dates will work out for you and you get to go make up for what you missed. Best of luck!

  35. Outfit so nice that even the bathroom stalls decided to match!

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