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  1. My grandmother gave birth to my mother when she was 48.

  2. It’s to her KNEES. Covers the major bits. No worse than a tank top and shorts. It’s late at night when she’s grabbing something or going to bathroom. It’s not like she’s parading around in skimpy clothes to provoke them.

  3. Yes, this. If she was changing into her nightie after dinner and wearing it while sitting around watching TV for hours with the sister and her husband, I might feel differently, but she’s just going to the bathroom. She’s not naked, get over it.

  4. A bought a rock from some kids running a sidewalk stand. The kids had found some interesting looking rocks and cleaned them up. Among them were some pieces of geodes, probably the cheap ones that are sold online, but they were really pretty.

  5. My wife talked a friend out of signing up for MK. The funny thing is that her friend wears no makeup.

  6. I read somewhere that MLMs like Mary Kay are really big in fundamentalist polygamous communities, even though the women aren’t allowed to wear makeup.

  7. Broadly speaking, we need more information to know who the asshole(s), if any, are.

  8. 100% package mule scam, you’ll be receiving and forwarding stolen goods. They’ll give you some sort of employee dashboard to track your “earnings”, but a few hours before you are scheduled to receive your first pay, after working 2-4 weeks, the dashboard will disappear and you’ll lose contact with everyone except possible the law enforcement official who will trace stolen goods to you.


  10. No, not to me….but it happened to a bunch of people that posted about it on this sub.

  11. Cmon, you KNOW you’re NTA, you just wanted to tell this story.

  12. Is Elon saying that he really wants Trump to have sex with him, but Trump’s playing hard to get?

  13. It happened at a small business I worked at once.

  14. The shooter had a history of mental illness, and, unsurprisingly, the MAGA connections are strong.

  15. The God-Bothering Lickspittle is convinced that being POTUS is his divine destiny.

  16. Do you think the typical Trump fanatic is clever enough to hide his cult membership during jury selection? I'm not so sure.

  17. There have been Trump related cases before juries, like the Mueller prosecutions and the bogus Durham prosecutions. It would only have taken one Trumpy juror to hang those juries, it never happened and pretty much all the juries reached the right decision.

  18. He also prosecuted multiple other US politicians for corruption and worked with Preet Bharara at one point. One of those politicians, US Rep Rick Renzi, was later pardoned by Trump. That would piss me the fuck off if I was the prosecutor who knew exactly how guilty he was.

  19. I think Garland had Smith lined up and ready to go. Trump just got outplayed, bigly.

  20. Im the only living person I know that’s tried laudanum. It totally rocks. I’m glad it’s almost impossible to get or I’d be an addict for sure,

  21. Jeez that's crazy! How do you even get it? I thought that it fell out of style when electricity became common.

  22. I had a terminally ill friend and it was prescribed as a last ditch attempt to slow down his digestive system, it’s very constipating. When he passed away I had the last refill, which was almost full.

  23. It is not just you. My uncle is an OB/Gyn. He says it is so common for women to have to scoot down that he made something of a conveyor-belt table to help them get in position.

  24. I used to go to this high-priced Gyn on NYC’s Upper East Side. I got lucky because my insurance happened to be only one they took, most of the other patients were cash pay.

  25. I vote Amway, based on “mentors” and the thing about reading books. Ambots love motivational books.

  26. On one side, we have the bride‘s mother, who cheated on the brides half-sister‘s mother with the man that fathered both of them, on the other side we have the brides stepmother, who also had an affair with the brides father. Then, in black, we have the woman that had an affair with the brides half-brother while the half-brothers wife was cheating on him with her Secret Service agent.

  27. Everyone who remembers my wedding says mine was the best they went to. I feel like ours was a bit lame. Backyard wedding. Potluck food. Music from a car parked near by. 😂 we’ve been together 10 years and happy. We paid for everything ourselves as well.

  28. My younger sister had a small church wedding followed by a backyard barbecue/pig-picking ( we hired someone to cook a half pig on-site) with lots of beer. It was awesome.

  29. Actually, I remember a case in NJ ( I think) where parents got in trouble with CPS for naming their kids Adolph Hitler and Aryan Nation. The got busted when they ordered a birthday cake from Costco for little Adolph.

  30. When my oldest son was a baby he was always chesty and sick. In winter when I had to take him out in the pram I would put girls tights on under his clothes. I would put socks and shoes on as well but I knew they wouldn’t stay on - the stockings did. At home I would keep him in onesies to keep his feet warm.

  31. My little nephew ( 2 years) LOVES wearing shoes and socks, if he’s barefoot he’ll get them from the diaper bag and take them to the nearest grownup for help. One day I took him outside and I was in my sock feet, and he went back inside, got my shoes and bought them to me.

  32. It’s also worth noting that if you have two keypads with raise lower buttons ganged physically but you need them to function completely separately - for example, a keypad for the living room ganged with a keypad for the dining room, you need to enter them in the software as 2 single gang keypads or the raise/lower buttons will crosstalk.

  33. Also - Does the job involve receiving packages at his home address, inspecting them and reshipping them?

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