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  1. continuo la mia guerra contro i tirchi d'italia, addio alla liguria, via savona

  2. è ora di eliminare completamente una regione, addio alla liguria, via Savona

  3. nooo, non la capitale, che ne sarà di ciò che ci rimane dell'impero romano?

  4. il mio piano per sistemare la sicilia dopo la sistemazione dell'emilia romanga prosegue secondo i piani

  5. We found the nicest rimworld player! Everyone else saying skulls and turrets but dude just hopes the prisoners in the war crime simulator aren’t too bored.

  6. No, per nulla, ti ritroverai la camorra sotto casa pronta a darti in pasto ai maiali

  7. Nope. I've only had three crushes total. Maybe look into the aromantic spectrum.

  8. none, I've always avoided this shit until I meet someone 99% sure to be right

  9. I actually just looked this up and... shit. Guess I'm wrong. Whoops. Donkeys have 62 and horses have 64, but both are equines. Although, I might still be correct, as that's a super minuscule difference between 2 animals in the same genus. Yet that difference makes mules unable to breed.

  10. breeding can happen interspecie, the problem is that the outcome will either die or be sterile, for the mule case, I guess if the difference is this small they don't become sterile, kinda like peaple affected by down syndrome

  11. yes you will, and watever will be generated won't probably survive enough to get birthed, I'll be more worried about the dog

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