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  1. Not sure but my daughter plays with the Gudas puck all the time

  2. Metatron sounds almost like a name Trevor would make up. Now I'm suspicious.

  3. At least now there’s a reason that we’re not winning games. Last season when we had G, Coots, Atkinson, etc. it felt much more frustrating when we weren’t winning.

  4. They live in Pennsyltucky. They can fuck themselves. Did 10 years out there, don’t let those jabronis bother you

  5. All Union matches (expect for nationally televised matches) were streaming free this season on the Union's site for those who lived in their market. Pretty sure I watched more games on there than on ESPN+ this season.

  6. Same. It was pretty cool and did radio when out of market through that associated stream. I’m not opposed to Apple deal bc it grows the sport. Price is 75 if u have appletv (free on tmobile family plan) so doing that compared to other leagues which is more expensive is Ok with me for now. When I have to stream every fucking team and I’m 5/5, that shit will add up, and that future is not far off

  7. XSC says:

    Are we calling this the curse of the mac?

  8. Definitely the curse of Mac. Once he came on for the Cup, knew we had to strap in for a long one

  9. Another year of mediocre or sub par.

  10. All things considered, they’re doing OK considering the line up. Punching above weight class. For no expectations, it’s meh. Could be worse

  11. This team punching above its weight class is the worst case scenario. There’s zero chance of competing for a Cup in the near future. When this team overachieves, they’re still not even competitive for a playoff spot, yet it’ll be enough to save Chuck Fletcher’s job and earn us a mediocre draft pick.

  12. Oh I don’t disagree. I just have accepted that we’re fucked with everything they’ve signaled past year and a half. In for some dark years for a bit. Phillies/Union losing on the same day kind of seals it in a sense. We are who we are, and the gods ensure it. Until these chucklefucks remove the Bullies mentality and start to pick skill over grind, we’re in purgatory. All we have now is Go Birds 🦅 since Sixers equally cursed too. Need to diversify our fan interests is only solution. Union only one I believe can run it back as is and they’re fucking good. Flyers nowhere close

  13. Nobody hates the Flyers more than Flyers fans. This is a given.

  14. The Love Story we never knew we needed, but the one we deserved. If you enjoyed Love on a Leash, brother, this gem blows it out the water

  15. Home kit grew on me to the point where I not only prefer it, but love it. Will be hard to top the Lightning kits bc it’s respectfully fantastic in its own right

  16. I thought it was ok. Great evidence at the end if it can’t be debunked

  17. Just bought tickets to my first ever flyers game (or hockey game in general) for first responder night. Kind of excited. The Unions 911 appreciation night is how I ended up being a STH next season since my wife and I loved it so much we went to almost every home game anyway this season from Charlotte on, so looking forward to it (although I liked soccer and watched prior to this year I had just never been to a match until the beginning of this season). It’s kind of coming full circle.

  18. Funny enough being a huge hockey fan is how I ultimately started to understand and fall in love with soccer. You’re going to have a blast watching it live, best way to view it. Was thinking about doin the same with the wife for the Union. Went to a bunch of games this year, and it’s most fun I’ve had at sporting events after having years of tix for the other teams in town. Love this shit. Was a great year and looking forward to building on it as disappointing as it may be with how it ended. On a side note, Flyers are even worse at shootouts then the Union so if it goes to OT pray they score in extra time

  19. So she’s still doesn’t have that studio with all this free time and click bait. Deep pockets Bilal

  20. I remember when he told the story about marching with his white brothers in Charlotte and how he chanted "Jews will not replace us!". I didn't agree with him but he was at least being honest.

  21. It’s incredible he’d do that in Trevor’s hometown to boot. Nothing is sacred for these Hollywood elites. For shame, Zach

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