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  1. I think it would be a Lego Pirate Ship that I combined with Lego Knights and Space stuff

  2. I very much enjoy the Sichuan cuisine. Sooo good!

  3. Walnusseis im Winter, Basilikum-Zitrone im Sommer

  4. Zwei Versionen machen. Partner darf auf einer mit drauf, es gibt aber auch Bilder ohne ihn. Als Partner würde ich das vollauf verstehen.

  5. Ich finde, das ist eine gute Idee, auch wenn natürlich implizit die Aussage bestehen bleibt "Na, ob das wohl hält...", Was bestimmt nicht das schönste Gefühl ist...

  6. Ganz ehrlich: Ja, auf jeden Fall! Natürlich denkt jeder, dass er dieses Mal die Liebe fürs Leben gefunden hat, aber wir hatten jetzt schon mehrmals den Fall, dass die Oma ihre heißgeliebten Familienbilder wieder abgehängt hat, weil sich irgendein Partner von irgendeinem Cousin drei Wochen später doch als Idiot herausgestellt hat.

  7. Ich sehe beide Seiten, deshalb hat mich interessiert, was das Internet so denkt

  8. That’s up to you and ya family norms not some randoms on Reddit brotha

  9. I am just wondering what the internet thinks. I won't use the answers here to sway a family discussion 😉

  10. Sooo... I don't get it... I have never used lip balm in my life and my lips are smooth and soft and... lovely. What do people do with their lips that they have to use chapstick to keep them from drying out?!? I am so confused...

  11. I assume everyone is different but we get harsh winters where I live that are super dry and I need to apply chapstick and extra lotion so I don't crumble to dust. In the summer I'm totally fine though.

  12. Yeah, that is probably true, but on the show it seemed to be that not using chapstick was a rather odd white man thing while in the climate I live in (with temperatures very rarely going below 40 degrees and air conditioning being even more rare) it doesn't really seem to be necessary...

  13. If the player is meant to escape rather than fight, have this be a multi-parts skill challenge, where he has to react to everything around him and can take bits of damage or be pushed away from escaping if he fails. Reward use of different skills as he does so.

  14. Yeah, sounds about right. Some kind of described slowmo effect might help here

  15. To tie into the build and session time comments:

  16. All good Points. I like the idea of starting with a modified Arcane trickster (CHA based) and the sentient familiar is a great suggestion. Thanks!

  17. Bard with expertise in stealth isn't a bad choice either, if she really wants to lean into the magic.

  18. I think it could work but on the other hand I kinda like the idea of starting with just a little magic

  19. Thor Ragnarok also undercut all emotional scenes with silly jokes (thinking of for example the destruction of Asgard).

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