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  1. Not bad! Don’t want Keith Lee in the front row though?

  2. Wrestling “journalism” has lost a lot of credibility in the past few weeks. I’m just gonna try and enjoy the kayfabe side of things for a while.

  3. Yeah Andrade posted a congratulations to him on his insta

  4. I was at a one day metal festival in Manchester last week, it had a wrestling fancy dress theme. We where worried nobody but us went for the wrestling aspect until a guy walked in with a scissor me daddy ass t shirt and got a huge Ohhh scissor me daddy chant. My non wrestling Freinds didn't have a clue what was happening but it really showed quite how over they are right now

  5. Anyone here think of Board James?

  6. It’s only been 28 years.. let’s give them a chance guys.

  7. Daddy ass looks like if someone held a gun to my head and said you have 30 seconds to draw a cartoon of a jacked npc from a 90s beat em up.

  8. Billy Gunn in Saturday Night Slam Masters remake confirmed.

  9. Jericho needs to rampage through former champions while Claudio has lost… then he comes back to save RoH.

  10. I’ve had so many laugh out loud moments from this show with Lee. Him slamming his hands on the desk after hearing the name of the cat is now another one of those.

  11. I really enjoyed when she was doing the timed challenge with various young wrestlers keeping her on TV while Shida was "written off" doing makai during their feud. Probalbly don't need to send Deeb out with a live mic to cut a long promo but I thought she was strong in pretapes and has a defined character and goals that i'd like to hear articulated by her on TV from time to time

  12. The Professor’s Challenge was great! Coulda had a few months running it at least.

  13. I agree with you about Andrade and Miro, but Yuta has been anything but boring since he’s joined the BCC.

  14. It wasn’t perfect but definitely felt like a pretty big moment for the division. Happy to stay open minded and see how it goes.

  15. Yeah agreed, OP, well said. Can’t expect them to shine if we don’t give them the time.

  16. Fine, OP, I guess I’ll go play Suikoden I and II again.

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