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  1. The fact that Ohio still is on this map shows just how flawed it is.

  2. And I’m sure that as a recently fired employee, she has absolutely no reason to speak ill of her former employer.

  3. Blue Blood status is about the quality and consistency of the program. This stat lies entirely on Izzo’s (legendary) shoulders. Before Tom, we had a good but not great record, and we’ll see soon what happens after him. If our program continues to experience similar success after Izzo then I think we’re in the conversation.

  4. He’s getting old. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s only here for another 5-6 years. We’ll see though.

  5. Abortion is healthcare, plain and simple. We should be making sure that healthcare is provided safely, but we shouldn’t be outright banning medical procedures.

  6. It's healthcare for the mother, I agree - just not so much for the unborn child.

  7. You’re ascribing equal weight to the mother and the fetus. Not everyone feels the same, which is kinda the rub of the whole debate.

  8. Spartans famously wore red and your color is the exact opposite of red on the RGB spectrum. Kinda odd.

  9. Big Ten has to much red already. Agriculture schools gotta represent the true colors!

  10. "Fast" is relative. Fewest real world hours, for sure, but the pauses to wait for stamina to recover mean you'll be spending ages of time in game to get things unlocked and leveled and ready. I, for one, usually find getting involved in wars and reselling loot is profitable enough to keep things going.

  11. Yeah, looting generally helps pay the bills. I’ve never farmed smithing but instead have just done it on the side smelting down the cheaper crap, and I’m still pulling in a ~20,000 denars a week without to much effort.

  12. I seem to have wretched luck doing it passively. I just can't get the parts I need to make something of a decent value. Should probably spend more time studying it, but peace time never seems to last long enough. Ah well.

  13. Buy wood to make charcoal. Smelt down the shittiest, cheapest weapons to get rescources and metal. Pop out two handed swords for 1500+ with minimum effort. I’m not focusing on it like the people getting high five figures per item, but it pays for a lot.

  14. Unfortunately, this is the result of privatized healthcare and lack of Governmental funding for mental health/socialized healthcare.

  15. I’m not sure that socialized healthcare really stops knife crime and assaults though. Covid and the lack of equitable wealth in this country definitely contributes to overall crime, but the UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Japan, etc all still have folks attacking others with knives over stupid shit. I think some violence like this is just the result of human nature.

  16. Correct, it's partially human nature, and driven by such. But look at the rate of occurrence, the US is more in-line with Somalia, Afghanistan, DPRK, etc than the list of countries you mentioned. (I understand where your mindset was though, but statistically it's inaccurate)

  17. And I’m not disputing that. I’m merely reticent to blame this incident, or any random incident, on lack of healthcare. It’s something that helps and certainly can reduce crime, but I think it’s irresponsible to act like it’s the source of all Americas problems.

  18. The Pink Pistols aren’t a leftist group. They seek to arm arm LGBTQ individuals to protect them from harm and hate. If by leftist you mean minority groups protecting themselves from hate crimes, then I think you have a skewed view of what leftism is.

  19. Membership being leftist doesn’t make a group leftist. The mission statement and goals of the pink pistols are apolitical. They’re completely open to conservatives, and I’d say it’s hard to argue that arming people and providing firearms training is a particularly leftist initiative on America.

  20. Op, you will learn to hate these words with a fiery passion one day.

  21. Florida? They had one really rich pocket of years. That doesn't make you a blue blood. It takes decades of consistent excellence to be a BB imo.

  22. I feel like we’d need another coach with a record similar to Izzo to actually be in the Blue Blood conversation. He’s given us decades of success, but I think you need decades of consistency and have that occur under more than one coach. A blue blood is about consistent excellence for a program, not just one coach.

  23. From being worried about not making the tournament, to making the Sweet Sixteen and maybe more. Never doubt Izzo.

  24. Izzo does absolute magic turning a bunch of decent but not great teams in March Monsters.

  25. If anything I think the movie 'Triple Frontier' with Ben Affleck and Charlie hunnam are the best depiction of both Wildlands and Breakpoint. The first half is taking down a drug lord and the second half is surviving a helicopter crash and fighting their way out of the jungle.

  26. Oh my god I was looking for this. It perfectly captures the feeling on Ghost Recon. I’d absolutely love if GR could put together a storyline that was half as suspenseful as this.

  27. Losing to a 13, 15, and then a 16 is unacceptable no matter how you slice it. Painter had Jaden Ivey who was a lottery pick when we lost to the 13/15. We have Edey who is a top 2 player in the nation and lost to one of the worst teams to ever get in the tournament.

  28. It’s better than ending up in the NIT. Ask UofM if they’d go back to Beilin right now. Stick with a guy who makes the tournament every year and he’ll end up going deep every so often.

  29. I'm an assistant manager at a startbucks, not a school teacher, please do your own research an educate yourself.

  30. St.Patrick’s day is the meal day for St. Patrick.. it has nothing to do with drinking, wearing green or any of that fake “Irish-American” BS

  31. And Christmas is about celebrating Christs birthday, yet I get the feeling that we aren’t suddenly gonna stop the atheists from celebrating.

  32. Very curious to hear how capitalist apologists explain this. You'd think the "free market" would have recognized the potential revenue streams decades ago (at least).

  33. You can be pro-capitalism and in favor of legal marijuana.

  34. That’s what their asking. How can conservatives, who claim to be pro capitalism and pro free market, turn around and tell people they can’t smoke a plant.


  36. Discuss the parts of it not related to gender identity. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and more aren’t gender identities, nor is the religious community which also has a stake in this legislation.

  37. TLDR: GOP is proposing adding rape and incest exemptions to the old law. Evers said he’ll veto laws that don’t give women similar rights to pre-Roe. Many view this as an altogether inadequate move to swing support before the Supreme Court election.

  38. I get why they’re cool, I just don’t think the “constant flow” is what makes them special. That’s probably one of the least impressive things about them.

  39. Lol yeah. I love talking about history and unique culture touchstones. I don’t know what kinda hydraulics themed parties you go to where the most interesting thing to talk about is steady flow states. I probably wouldn’t be a hit at those.

  40. Every law you make, no matter how well-intentioned, is a restriction on someone's liberty. Laws with a wide scope, such as what bags you can use, should be made with the greatest reluctance, and not just because you feel a certain way.

  41. We make laws all that time that restrict individual liberty, and they’re largely mundane. I don’t have a constitutional right to piss on the sidewalk, and laws that infringe upon my liberty to do so may be frustrating when I’ve gotta go, but they aren’t tyrannical.

  42. This is a poor example, friend. Peeing on the sidewalk is illegal because that is defacing public property. You are infringing on someone else's rights by doing so.

  43. To my knowledge, there’s plenty of public places I’m not allowed to pee that wouldn’t deface anything. I’m not supposed to pee freely ont he beach. Can you please explain how this injustice is allowed to stand?

  44. Dude, it’s a joke. People from Michigan and Ohio rag on each other all the time, it’s a regional thing between the two states. It comes from our brief little battle over Toledo and our football rivalry, neither states residents are actually calling for ethnic cleansing or banning of the other state.

  45. What is stopping her from giving the kid up for adoption?

  46. Do you have a source for that? Because I’m pretty sure that there are still PLENTY of kids in the foster system who are lined up for adoption.

  47. I think that talking about how we had asteroids in the past that caused a mass extinction event might be an important point to discuss when talking about asteroids. Or maybe mentioning how asteroids can be dangerous on a introduction to astronomy.

  48. This article points out some of the many challenges being posed in the electrification of our vehicles and transportation, especially at the municipal level. Norther cities will have many challenges ahead of them while they ensure that they become more green, but also maintain reliability of their fleets in cold weather. It appears that advancements in battery capacity are making this goal possible, and many environmentalists are pushing for this change.

  49. I think that Republicans may support these types of transitions more as electric vehicle manufacturing takes off more and more, especially in the south. To my knowledge, many southern states have been courting large motor companies to build factories there. As these industries mature there, I think Republicans will probably soften in their opposition to electric vehicles when a larger portion of their constituents are employed on these projects.

  50. Do you NEED higher earnings? Not everyone NEEDS to be a doctor and we can't support a society of JUST these higher jobs. Most people don't complete college or find what they were studying wasn't for them and then they just end up with a huge dept and nothing else to show for it.

  51. I never said we need a society of doctors. Which is why if you read my comment, you’d see that I said college isn’t the only path, and that apprenticeships, certificate program, or other post-high school education opportunities are important. And while money isn’t everything, we definitely should be encouraging people to try and make their life more comfortable and stable.

  52. Probably the education? It’s hard to be a chemical engineer, doctor, or lawyer without attaining a certain degree of education.

  53. Personally, I don’t think so during the off season. He’ll be out by Christmas if he doesn’t start strong next year though.

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