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  1. Every POC or nonwhite that went to Italy almost always say how it’s a shitty country. Imo I would never go there. Seems like a racist shit hole of a country that’s of course glorified by America.

  2. Wtf, you shouldn't be sorry at all. What the fuck was the guy thinking - like jerking off at a mcdonalds bathroom is alrady fucked up but doing so with the door open?!?!? Showing what you are doing to a 15yo? Like hell no, you have the right to call him every name in the book and the parents as well.

  3. These comments tho lmao I know it’s fucked up but I’m laughing like crazy rn

  4. Lmao as fucked up as it is, this made me laugh

  5. Wow that’s expensive as fuck, I’m paying 1550 for a studio right outside NYC

  6. I mean my girlfriend’s BJs are horrendous, so I relate to you somewhat. I’ve had better blow jobs from one night stands

  7. Fuck this movie and fuck the author who made this book

  8. The reference experience of knowing hundreds of hot girls. Talking extensively about modern dating dynamics with hundreds of men and women. Running game with several conventionally attractive men. Hundreds of hours spent in field.

  9. I’d have to agree with you actually. Attractive girls, especially if they have attention from hundreds of men, both online, and real life, do not approach men.

  10. Simple yet effective. I approve 💯

  11. If you’re not capitalizing on our success and popularity growth, you’re an idiot. Plenty of women are begging for Asian men. I’m banned from tinder but here’s a sample when I used to use bumble.

  12. I would say stupid shit like “how big you like em?” Or “my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun” and it would actually work half of the time…..until some broad actually reported me I guess

  13. Why tf do you want to do night game if you’ve had success everywhere else

  14. Should’ve just left it alone at “feel better”. If she’s interested, she would let you know first. No need to let it linger. Damage is done already, just get your mind off of it and continue to work on yourself and meet other girls

  15. Did you really just fucking post a question about whether you should take your earrings off here

  16. Do not ever get into debt. You will spend years regretting going to an Ivy League school, just for the name, and working as a slave just to pay off your loans.

  17. I remember that knife one. It was near where I work (Brisbane Australia).

  18. Is that the video of some guy walking toward another guy, the other guy just slices his throat? It was a bunch of friends vs another bunch of friends

  19. Crazy fucking video. I’ve seen way worse (don’t search cartel murders) but just the shear look in the guys face and him holding his throat….he just knew he fucked up. Def messed me up for a while

  20. Fuck race and racism, if you like her and she likes who cares

  21. Cleaner, more racist , smaller, less cultured, worse food , New York. Better sports but New York got waaaaaaaay better looking bitches that about sums it up

  22. relationship advice post by a husband started by saying that his wife isnt the smartest cookie in the jar. The couple was struggling financially living month to month, but they get by. Had kids too.

  23. Note to self, never ever marry a woman as dim as this one. This is at an all time level of stupidity.

  24. Lifting weights, then after lifting, doing a mile or two of HIIT cardio on the elliptical. Also playing basketball once a week. Cooking most of my meals from scratch (although I’ve been slacking lately).

  25. Wtf how is she 31 still living like a 17 year old at her parents place? I’m sorry, but I could never date a girl like this. Does she have extreme student debt? A physical/mental illness? Is she taking care of her sick parents? If no, then I would actually consider leaving her. She is way past the age of freeloading off her parents.

  26. Break up with this guy and freeze your eggs in the meantime

  27. Leave. And be happy if you never had kids together. Your situation would 10x messier with kids involved.

  28. Like it or not, you are going to be stuck with this person at least for 18 years coparenting your child. If I were in your shoes, I would at least try to workout whatever reason you are considering breaking up with your girl is. Maybe give her a warning or heads up that you’re not happy in your relationship. Relationships are hard as hell. No relationship is perfect. Good luck OP.

  29. Yes, I notice Indian men and Latina/white women sometimes too

  30. Take it as a compliment. Gay dudes only hit on really really good looking guys. I used to get hit on by gay guys when I was in high school, and when I was told I looked like a model back then.

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