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  1. Dino Fury's great because half of it is the characters being incredibly charming and adorable and the other half feels like it was written for the dumbest fucking people on the planet.

  2. I think the best way to keep appreciating him would be to give his work a try. The Dark Horse is a really wonderful film.

  3. I think all of them are a pretty fun time; Samurai tends to be my favorite, but there's a lot I also like about Dino Charge as well.

  4. Currently I find Samurai boring since it's basically the same as Sentai using only American actors. Megaforce is only watchable for me in the first half, when it transitions to Super it's still too weak. But it's not strange that fans don't like NS, the stories really didn't have that much quality, unless you don't care about that and just want to have fun that maybe it's good.

  5. I think Samurai works a bit better if you don't think too highly of Shinkenger; not that I really disliked it, but I found it to be pretty middle of the road and unremarkable. I like that Samurai has a really kiddy tone that makes every character come off like they're mentally preschoolers but it also keeps in a lot of disconcerting, tonally jarring elements (Negatron causing a car accident, Deker's entire story, Dayu's suicide-by-Xandred) more or less untouched. There's something odd and existentially morbid about Samurai, by almost assuredly complete accident and not at all intended by the creative staff. It's a melancholy world dictated by death and run by those who desire an end to their lives, as seen through the eyes of Peppa Pig.

  6. He saw it after he made that video and said it was good, but not as good as Joker because a comic book movie would be more significant winning best picture than a foreign film

  7. For me, it's earnest b movie shlock that, at its most enjoyable, is content to be JUST small, simple adventure stories featuring likable (if, yes, often static) characters. There's, I think, an irreplaceable charm to how the series can operate on its best days; there's something very endearing about the PR set up; it exists in a world of constant monster attacks, a universe that seems like its sole purpose is to kill you. Seeing characters be sincere and honest friends in a wacky, but vicious and uncaring, universe is fun and compelling to see.

  8. A "bad ending" can be thematically appropriate, and thus emotionally and intellectually satisfying, without necessarily having to adhere to any sort of mechanical rules regarding conflict resolution.

  9. Bulk and Skull were willing to risk death in the face of Astronema and Ecliptor despite having no powers or any effective way to defend themselves.

  10. None of them. They all find their audience eventually. Even shows that were viciously hated by the majority of the fanbase when they first aired (GX and Zexal) develop an audience, and younger fans act surprised and incredulous that they were ever hated at all.

  11. The way you are conveying this thought will not be conducive toward a productive conversation.

  12. Cannibal is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I've found myself unable to really connect with the rest of Marian Dora's films.

  13. It'd be reruns of MMPR but all the Sentai fight footage would be replaced with random clips from Texas Chainsaw Massacre with PR dialogue dubbed over it.

  14. Agreed. The plot makes zero sense what so ever and it’s the furthest thing from representing the franchise.

  15. Part of me wants to be mildly positive, because I actually did like Cam and think it was a pretty good movie, but at the same time, I really hate the whole meta angle to this plot. Faces of Death is so defined by the "IS IT REAAAAAL?" bullshit that people ignore Dr. Gross's genuinely moving character arc and what the story was really about (granted, the sequels ignored that too, but who gives a shit about that).

  16. I think i agree with what you are saying, but care to elaborate?

  17. The fandom's mixed/contentious opinion on Jason David Frank has turned entirely back into hero worship due to his suicide. Legend of the White Dragon is probably going to be (laughably) bad based on the amazingly hilarious trailers.

  18. I'm not too concerned with a lot of the big gaps (perceived or legitimate) in the wider mythology. Leave some stuff open, let things be up for debate or discussion or sit in your mind.

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