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  1. The problem you have is not understanding what a gender role is. Or you are intentionally ignoring it. Gender, both male and female, are roles created in society. They are a product of a social structure.

  2. I agree that non-offending pedophiles should be rehabilitated so they can become normal, but trying to become part of the lgbt community is not helping. The pride movement is about people being “proud” of who they are, but an attraction to little kids isn’t something to be “proud” of.

  3. Nothing wrong with Lenovo Legion, but I'll offer another brand. I might be a bit biased, as I have the Raider GE67HX.

  4. So when is the cop's visit to the White House for his brave heroism and his 2 weeks paid vacation while he's investigated with no wrongdoing?

  5. yea as a trans man i think sometimes the aggressive trans activists do more harm than good. i just want to live my life peacefully like any other man, and i’m happy to leave a space if i make others feel comfortable. in fact, i respect transphobes and their beliefs as long as they don’t harm me. but screaming from the rooftops about trans rights makes others actively search for people like me & make my existence “controversial”. i can’t see why we can’t just mind our own business and respect different views

  6. It's like what those Just Stop Oil protesters do for environmental activists. People get annoyed by their antics. I understand the environment is important, but throwing soup on a Van Gogh painting isn't bringing anyone to your cause. Nor are people who protest and block roads and highways causing people to miss work.

  7. I don't know the highway laws at this location, but I feel like there should be bright colored cones or something to warn drivers there's a flatbed in the road.

  8. Well, it didn't take long for the convenience store to get

  9. 22 hours later this post has 22.6k total views, 40% upvote rate, and 145 comments. Two of which have gold and platinum.

  10. Can confirm. Read the brochure for the 23 in the waiting room during my first oil change for my 22. Only change I could find was the OTA updates.

  11. Yet people older than her and more feeble-minded are running governments.

  12. Technically, the bullying is occuring from the start.

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