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  1. Where do they learn this crap is what I want to know. ?? And where is the discipline because that would not fly in my home. Granted it wasn’t the right finger but it still had intention. Why do their boys want to be so vulgar. Even the peeing in a bottle. My brothers never did that. It’s just all around bad raising.

  2. How does one person, this lunatic grifter, find people throughout her life, to continue enabling her? Is there no one who can tell her, you know you aren’t Spanish right? You’re skin isn’t brown, & you’re wearing a bump, among many other facts! Why does Alec go along with this?

  3. I don’t think she genuinely has friends. If they are in her life they are paid. Or like to be In The drama 🤷🏽‍♀️ which is fine whatever. But I don’t think she has a single nice soul in her life that wants to genuinely do good for her.

  4. I think that something big is coming. She’s acting out way more than usual I feel and something is just about to blow up. Shes so self absorbed and really playing the victim now. And like she’s being bullied. “No idiota we are just calling you on your BS”. Something is coming my pepino friends. I don’t know what….. but something. she needs to be admitted. And would some news agency by god please pick up her lying grifting ass story. Please!!!!!! This is going too far and makes me cringe everyday. Some news person grow a pair and expose her!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything she has done is WRONG. I’m more pissed about the pregnancy grift than anything.

  5. I really wish she would just fix that eyebrow. Can’t she just put some Botox in it or something 🤨

  6. I just found it. She said she's a real Hispanic and we're all pathetic. And in the comments she called us retarded gringos. Sounds as unhinged as Hillz. Here's the link:

  7. Yeah that person is f-ing nuts. Good riddance. It’s like they just want to argue or get attention. No one cares if you leave the group.

  8. Im ashamed to say it. I totally looked up to her before it all came out and would show my husband her and be like “look at her.” I remember walking down the street reading the news when all of it came to light and was like 🤯🤯 it’s horrible what she did. It made me aspire to look like her after pregnancy and question myself and body. Her whole charade is just disgusting to me and really hits home.

  9. He bothers me so much 🤨 what is his deal?. Like whhhhhhyyyyyyy you’d think he would see through her.

  10. Like attracts like, I don't really know much about him but makes me wonder if I did a deep dive would I find out questionable things about him as well?

  11. You’re most likely right. Or now that you put it that way you are. So so so strange. Or maybe he’s just like pro everything. If you say you’re a banana he’s for it. No idea.

  12. If she was actually as pregnant as she pretends she is, you wouldn’t be able to see the crotch of her pants.

  13. You’re absolutely right 😒 why does she have to be such a liar!!!! 😫

  14. Aw, I miss my giant ass Sailor Moon pink and white themed decoden case from the early 20teens.

  15. I was actually looking up decoden cases when I came across this one. I want a baroque themed one 🎉

  16. We should be true to who we are and make news ones.

  17. Omgoodness I just noticed your avatar 🤩🤩🤩 I loooooove.

  18. This looks so unnatural I legit thought it was photoshopped at first by a pepino as a joke.

  19. I thought it was a joke too 😭 but nope she really went that far 😵‍💫

  20. Something is off with her face 🧐 and she looks really exhausted to me.

  21. The shirt is cute but the wearer is a freaking knockout. 😍 I love this trend of Pepinos rocking the gear and showing it off to “the chat room.”

  22. Very español of you to pull them over your heels. Muy excellente.

  23. 🤣 the only way one should wear their leggingos 🥒

  24. My friend just had one done in Texas and used a company called AbortOffshore. They just started last week. She said it went very well. Their website seems pretty informative.

  25. Wow that was intense. And then she pulled the knife 😵‍💫 awesomely prepared. I know it was just a prank but…. That made me realize that situation could really happen, maybe I should start carrying pepper spray at least. She was scared but she was ready. 👏

  26. Someone please post the link to this full video 😂 this is hilarious!

  27. My favorite line by Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshal.

  28. This is so gross. I’m not familiar with these photos but they are even more cringe knowing that she knew she was a fraud yet she still behaved this way 😑 disgusting human.

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