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  1. When covid happened they missed their chance to save the movies.

  2. You can hope all you want. It's not coming

  3. They never are in these games. It's always grey

  4. I mean, it's sad but it's not a shocker when you fight cops with a bat

  5. Led entirely by cheap leverage, which no longer exists

  6. Yes which has corrected the demand And now it's a more normal market

  7. Lmao, people that ski at aspen just fly from Denver anyway. Bunch of gross bourgeoisie, worse than even vail and bc combined 😬

  8. i am going there next week for the first time for 3 days. Where should i go??

  9. I like to stay at north of Nell and ski ajax 2 days, highlands one and snowmass one. Usually we skip buttermilk. Snowmass is my favorite too but the ground likes ajax.

  10. The loan will be forgiven. Nothing under 200k will ever be audited.

  11. I don't believe Iowa has established this "right" and it shouldn't.

  12. Back up your Dotloop or DocuSign and any other things you use.

  13. Oh wow! Thank you so much! Correct, road access is at the back. This is absolutely helpful!

  14. If it's for your kids, consider a less straight line pending their planned use.

  15. I don't think there's been a first person game with out it

  16. Depends on property type. Rural properties could be counties away

  17. And the saints game… aaaand Rams game… aaaand the game against the bears and giants last year… and oh and the chiefs twice last year too… shall I keep going???

  18. Everyone who actually has a legitimate voice in the NFL knows Carr is great and want to see him succeed. Only hater ass ignorant fans and analysts trash him.

  19. Yup. Similar to how people had nothing but good things to say about Matt Stafford

  20. He does the gruden and beats us in the super bowl.

  21. Landscaping is big business. I know guys who generate 3mm+ in revenue annually. They started at 20 and have grown every year

  22. No Heroes 4, the best might and magic game

  23. Definitely the best game..thank fuck for maps4heroes still running strong

  24. which direction would you look if in Des Moines

  25. I think its a good move to protect them. I don't think they need a season (considering social media literally will tell hunters where they are if they have a tag simply due to the small size of the state and their low numbers)

  26. Would JMD tolerate him though? Doesn't Rodgers basically tell his coaches to shut the fuck up and do it his way? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see him scream at JMD after a called jet sweep to Davante but still.

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