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  1. Good to see Colton Montgomery doing something more rewarding than USDGC.

  2. A lot of the questions aren’t answerable without more info (that’s any survey, fwiw)

  3. I think I'm checked out for the rest of the year. The worst tire debacle since 2008 was the icing on the cake of a stretch that has featured massive incompetence from race control (or favoritism from race control they feign as incompetence). Sundays are no longer enjoyable to watch, they're frustrating. I know improvements will come to the car in the off season but it will mean nothing if there are not multiple people resigning in disgrace from the race operations of NASCAR. What a shame to see this on a season of incredible parity and close racing. Here's hoping 2023 sees improvement.

  4. It's not as simple as one decision where I just stop engaging. It's a series of decisions that over the course of years; the first few I stop making every Sunday/Saturday night must-see TV (but still DVR then). The next step is that I stop going to races. Eventually, I stop watching them but look up the highlights. And the last step is probably the total disconnect.

  5. Was playing in a disc golf tournament today and read that AJ crashed. My fault everyone. Disc season is almost over, I promise.

  6. Ahh but Toboggan opens back up for a month starting next week.

  7. I’ve often criticized her for not focusing more on her racing than she owes her YouTube but honestly just like you said I just don’t see her being that good regardless.. people gonna say this comment is sexist but it’s a proven fact that women can’t do what men can do physically it’s the reason why women have their own leagues rather it’s WNBA or soccer or tennis or whatever the sport may be honestly I feel nascar should do the same have all the women drivers compete in their own series and see how they fare out again I know some people gonna disagree but the fact is even with these cars being a lot easier to drive than the 70’s to the early 00’s cars you still have to have strength and endurance to stand up and win.. not saying she and other women can’t do that but they can’t as well as the average male driver it’s just science.. women in other sports can have all the talent but they can’t jump as high run as fast lift as much etc as a man and it’s sams with nascar women can’t manhandle a car, have the same car control, take the g forces and the heat etc etc as a man

  8. Shirley Muldowney, Lyn St. James, Janet Guthrie, Michele Mouton and Erica Enders would like a word.

  9. Miles, you gotta talk to those other tracks. You're basically carrying the SMI team. Good thing you're concrete.

  10. Keep in mind that RCR helped develop NextGen; them and the rest of the Chevrolets have had an advantage at most times this year. This may turn out to be a great move if this is true.

  11. Revival of KHI as a Cup Series team? Or maybe Harvick invests in an existing team like JTG Daugherty Racing when he retires.

  12. This would be my thought. Have control of a charter on an existing team so he can seat KHI-represented drivers in it.

  13. Excuse my skepticism but I'm still not buying this. Bozi has only posted this thread today after it's been news for 2 days and after Scott Miller's visit to Sirius. There's no guarantee NASCAR's work was known by teams before Sunday night.

  14. I love how he's talking about the issues with safety and everything (rightly to call it out as well) but also said he drove a few laps with his car on fire...that ain't too safe either Kev

  15. He's mad it came in the cabin. Fires happen in the wheel well area from rubber build up or other things; usually they put themselves out and if they don't, they stay under the hood until the fire suppression system triggers there. The problem is that the fire came through the dash. The firewall obviously isn't much of a fire wall.

  16. I shouldn’t be surprised at all, but it’s incredibly frustrating that SHR looks to be out of the running for acquiring Kyle Busch. It’s even more frustrating when you consider how they missed Kyle Larson in 2020/2021 after allegedly wanting him too.

  17. Bold prediction: you're witnessing the demise of SHR. One owner is absent while the other is bankrolling F1 plus NASCAR. Everything you stated about their future is 100%; Chase Briscoe is the sole banner carrier for that team with minimal prospects behind him. Add into this that Roush became RFK and appears to be coming back means that SHR will soon be the tertiary Ford team. The Ford pipeline is notably dry save Zane Smith and dare I say he's slated for RFK post-Brad.

  18. A related question I've heard scanner talk of turning the alternator on or off. I assuming they only want it on while not racing. And that it is only needs to be on periodically because of limited electrical demand in the car.

  19. Correct. Usually right before a restart, Timmy will tell Kevin to turn it off to save the load on the engine for more power. 10-15 laps into a run (track dependant), Rodney will usually remind Timmy on channel two to have him turn it back on. I've heard of other crew chiefs doing the same.

  20. Are the alternators equipped with an electric clutch to reduce drag?

  21. I would assume so if he has a switch to turn it off but I can't say with 100% certainty. I can only go off their radio conversations and an not terribly versed on the technical side.

  22. Chicago (assuming it runs) would be a good one for him.

  23. They did his contract last year as a multi year extension…problem is it was a 2 year extension so he’s not as safe as previously thought.

  24. Oof. Back on the hot seat next year I suppose...

  25. Had no idea they had the contracts on Jayski. Thanks!

  26. I read the first few points and scrolled, expecting to see an end but only more bullet points. I did it again and still more bullet points. Simply incredible stuff. Such a shame for the owners as well as the fans and drivers that deserved to be there.

  27. 4D chess by Paige here. She starts calling out her opponents for not being officials, thereby starting a player-lead movement for the sanctioning body (DGPT/PDGA) to have officials on select cards so the players don't have to.

  28. electric cars continuing to ruin car culture

  29. Nah. Gatekeeping snobs like you are what's ruining car culture.

  30. What other models does Dodge have left? The Ram truck brand is it's own manufacturer now, so will any Dodge branded vehicles exist anymore?

  31. The Durango. And since that's just a rebadged Grand Cherokee, I could see it also being phased out.

  32. Did your guy just tweet a picture of himself winning the Daytona 500 to express praise for a completely different driver in a completely different racing series?

  33. This is the McDowellest McDowell he could have McDowelled.

  34. I have a problem with the guy who scored the 2nd most points through 26 races in the season being reset to a position where he can finish no higher than 17th regardless of what he does in the final 10 races.

  35. Especially since the charter for a solid performer will be paid out like the team performed as a 17th place car.

  36. Yes. This is a big problem. A strong season with no wins devalues the team/charter.

  37. For me and other older fans the complaints stem from it being a different NASCAR than what we grew up with and in some aspects, change is hard to accept. NASCAR is absolutely killing it in some aspects vs 20 years ago. NASCAR is also doing things to alienate that 20 years ago fan and sometimes I think it's warranted to call them out for it.

  38. 90% of my personal issue is the playoffs. I do think race control managed races better 20 years ago as well, especially in the Xfinity & Truck, but that's minor.

  39. I truly hope everyone gets to see their driver win a race in person. It's a super awesome experience.

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