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  1. Yes, I think the setting "decloack on fire" simply has an F key bound to LMB while cloak is active, which obviously work fine for infiltrators but not with other classes. On HA it should activate the shield, etc

  2. thank you citizen I'll check that out... weird "decloak on fire" is set to F and not... LMB...

  3. It's not a key bidding but a toggle option in settings. What I explained is how it probably works behind the scenes being programmed to simulate a F key press

  4. Owner of the silo can deconstruct everything.

  5. Lol, hovers above spawn room so closely, doesn't react to damage and has shit aim, just like mine - what are you even trying to say?

  6. why don't you close your filthy mouth and give PPA a try? Do you know who I am to say that to me? ignorant civilians, scum NC

  7. Judging by your infantile attitude - Kim Jong-un?

  8. Yeah, bots can easily be made with RPA tools, they won't be very agile but can be programmed for basic tasks.

  9. Steam says its a - Free to Play - Massively Multiplayer - FPS - Shooter

  10. Because it isn't - sandbox by definition doesn't have ANY objectives.

  11. I know it's not much but a rotary Dalton nose gun would push it gently into "balanced" territory

  12. Here are some renders of the Apex Drop Pod. Thought I would come and post the art station link here. Quite enjoyed making this one.

  13. Ah of course you made it - fantastic work as always!

  14. Congratulations! You're the 100th poster of a useless post today in this sub! Please see Bazino to collect your prize!

  15. As a new player I'd like the good implants to be actually obtainable in the current year, I'm playing a medic and its very annoying knowing I can't play the carapace build for the foreseeable future, if I choose to pay for membership, how long do you think it'll realisticly take me to get carapace, and preferably combat surgeon aswell? I'd say I play 4-6 hours daily at this point.

  16. Correct - not dissimilar from stuff you can do with a Deci when vehicles are near your spawn.

  17. It depends on various factors, but as long as it's a short range option available only to heavy then I wouldn't be too opposed to that. But then again heavy has already a plethora of rocket launchers for that, it runs the risk of either being too disruptive or entirely redundant. AA Vs Air needs to be fundamentally changed before we start introducing more counters to a part of the game which is at the same time overbearing and entirely purposeless.

  18. The main argument is that pesky sky knights are squeaking about this viable (albeit in need of tuning) counter being available on engineer, whom they would typically encounter when farming ground and air vehicles. Can't have that, why should they be able to defend themselves outside of the vehicle?

  19. you got this points for the cap of the point, which happened before the "fight" or the capture actually started, so it didn't count and the outfit was chosen randomly

  20. So you would need to do something to get points (and not all points on the board are used to determine the capturing outfit).

  21. where in the game folder are you looking?

  22. Any idea of the price of that bundle ? tough I'm only interested in the weapon reskin :S

  23. Yes, or even if they added a vehicle capture points between more bases or made one base point quite far out where you could build it would help.

  24. In short, in a game where about 30% of people play Heavy Assault:

  25. Do you mean this sarcastically or legitimately? The intention of this suggestion is to help small-to-medium sized outfits gain more resources for their efforts.

  26. Bruh I just don't want my Dervish to spontaneously combust everytime I dogfight near NC.

  27. And isn't that suddenly a problem with lancers, which are 5x faster to kill an ESF?

  28. He said: they bark loud enough without any merit yet they sometimes manage to get stuff nerfed into oblivion (firestorm for example)

  29. Ahem, dude, show me one person that uses firestorm today in a regular loadout. I will wait.

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