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  1. Very easy. All you have to do is start a chat with a representative. Tell them to delete the number they gave you to port in your main phone number from a different carrier. They will tell you to restart the app and open it and it'll pop up a prompt saying transfer line

  2. I'm guessing I need the account and port # from Verizon before starting that?

  3. Yes, definitely make sure you have that information before you start the process

  4. Are you on the latest security update for September?

  5. Understood. But I heard recently that Google Fi gets the core data that T-Mobile magenta uses. I think it's a core 6 I believe so it's hard to believe that HD voice is not being activated on your phone. I suggest you call Google Fi or make a submit request

  6. I am hoping to do the same, although I hope Google really focused on nailing the basics which they so far have been really bad at:

  7. Did the Pixel 6 and 6 pro not have oleophobic coating?

  8. Aka dead battery by noon 😂

  9. maybe iphone 14 will start supporting fi esim?

  10. Google Fi supports ESIM for iPhones for years it's the 5G connectivity that doesn't connect

  11. Google Fi VPN uses 10% more data then if it was off

  12. You know how many people from FedEx come up on cell phones every single year it's insane

  13. Why any particular reason why you're not messing with the six series

  14. Are the 5G speeds throttled

  15. I tried the codes and no luck. Almost 1000$ with trading in my brand new flip 3, watch and buds

  16. Omg what a robbery against your pockets

  17. Wow that's amazing how did u do that what settings do you have on and off on your phone

  18. Reminds me of the pixel 5 default wallpaper lol

  19. What town state is this exactly

  20. I'm just an average male in the United States that barely anyone knows I can care less what they track about me lol I mean how much money can you literally make off someone like me I work an average job and an average apartment with an average car you get the drift

  21. It's not any better with the OP10T lmao

  22. You sure about that The Xperia has the older 8 gen 1 processor The 10T has the eight gen one plus processor

  23. Yep. 8+ Gen 1 isn't any better at thermals lmao.

  24. Bro you're smoking meth it's made upon the ARM structure of TSMC

  25. This is what I did. I didn't see the instructions. The email just said free buds with purchase. Assumed they shipped with the phone or separately. First time buying something from Google like this.

  26. Like seriously how can you miss that offer you just assume stuff and don't read

  27. Like what can you please explain before I make the purchase 400 is a very hard to pass up

  28. Ihave a Flip 2. I already told you I removed the protector from the corner of the crease slightly just to see and it was still cracked underneath. I put it back even though there's air bubbles on it now just because, like I said, didn't want to make it worse. So why do I need to post it? Like I said, if you don't believe me, suit yourself.

  29. Listen we're just not going to simply believe what you're saying though you will need to post a picture with the screen protector off for this post to be even credible if not you mine as well just delete this post

  30. Silly question guys but what does oem unblocking do?

  31. Bro Pixel 6A has the strongest chip out of the whole pixel series matching with the 6 pro

  32. Nah that offer and deal is deff not coming back lol

  33. Wait, they removed material icons for 3rd party apps?

  34. No first party apps were the only apps to get material theme on Android 12 but now 13 will have it for every app on your phone including third party apps to

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