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  1. Firstly, it sounds like your wife is either playing up her weakness to get you going, or she may have a true eating disorder. The fact that she doesn't eat processed foods is a red flag. I masked my ED for years by being both vegetarian and picky. Those "preference" allowed me to have a raging ED go largely unnoticed because anytime someone questioned me- I'd brush it off with claims of wanting to be "healthy".

  2. Dating only gets "harder" in the sense that your pool of options narrows as people within your age range get married and there are simply fewer single people than when you start dating in your teens/early 20s. Most people get into long term relationships by 30, so there are kinda just fewer options in that sense. When I was 19, everyone I knew was single. By 27, 90% of my friends are in long term relationships.

  3. It sounds like his ego is very much tied up in his desired/perceived ability to last long.

  4. Its interesting. Would you tell your daughter about your sexual history? If not you are probably ashamed of it. You want it all but you will never get it. You will have to settle for a beta eventually and you utterly miserable with him. 🤣

  5. What a weird question. Would you talk to your kids about your sex life? I'd hope not for the simple fact of having healthy boundaries with your children. And settle for a beta? Who? When? Go worry about yourself, man!

  6. I agree with him that you can't know a person after 1 month of dating, no matter how much time you spend together. Some things are only revealed in time. I personally would never insult someone for saying they loved me too soon, but for me it is a red flag because it shows an incompatibility- not because the other person is dumb or anything.

  7. Oftentimes cheating irreparably damages trust. Other times couples can recover. It seems like the damage done to your relationship from your infidelity is the nail in the coffin and that your wife isn't going to be able to reach a place of forgiveness.

  8. If all they do is take trips together and otherwise have a normal relationship with good boundaries, then no this is not weird. It's pretty nice that they get along well enough to want to go on trips together and maintain their bond.

  9. NTA for voicing your concerns, but I don't think your delivery of the message was effective at all.

  10. I think you need to address the fact that it is not your responsibility to compensate for what she lacked in past relationships.

  11. It's really not up to you to decide the true sexual preferences of other women.

  12. Yeah he sounds unreliable. Consistency is important in a relationship, or else how are you supposed to plan a life with someone who you can't trust to follow through on things?

  13. That women are hypergamous and cheaters. And if your partner had the chance to have sex with a more attractive/higher status man, she would.

  14. I'd say in her prime around 7.5-8, but now a days with the weight gain she's maybe a 6. Still has great features, but the fullness from her weight gain really throws off her harmony.

  15. I have chronic vertigo due to Keppra, and I've had it for 2 years. It's always present in the afternoons (12-5pm), and only occasionally unbearable. Tbh it's just something I've learned to live with. I find caffeine exacerbates the vertigo, as does poor sleeping habits (both too little and too much sleep). I've been referred to a specialist and they've essentially attributed it to Keppra. I'm too scared to change medication though.

  16. I was on Keppra when I was teenager. I haven’t been on the stuff for years. It didn’t affect me that way. Looking back though I do realize I was in a lot of Keppra induced rage episodes. Im sorry you’re going through that. If it gets worse, see about weening yourself off of it. It’ll take a while but it usually works.

  17. I'm just so scared to have more seizures if I get off of it and onto new meds

  18. Yes! I feel the same way about the panic around eyelash serum. People who haven't actually read the primary literature don't know that the risks stated with lash serums are derived from patients who used glaucoma medication (which contains the same ingredient in lash serums. Lash serums were made because glaucoma meds were giving patients long luscious lashes. Is was discovered by accident).

  19. Lol I got down voted and called a liar here for commenting something similar about eyelash growth products 😂. And actually, I know two people who have blue eyes who use the glaucoma eye drops on a daily for decades and never has a problem with their eye color changing. The panic always starts with one comment, one video, people just run with information they read online like wildfire.

  20. Yep it's true. For whatever reason the lash serum fear has really taken off to the point that even when dermatologists talk about the real level of risk involved laypeople push back. And while obviously in rare cases people can get side effects (most common one being redness/ discolouration around the lash line), an anecdote is not an attestation to the real level of risk involved. And people seem to forget that a rare case is not the norm. In the same way that the vast majority of people who get filler from a licensed practitioner don't get vascular occlusions.

  21. You both are definitely right but the way I’m looking at our history and my relationship, it looks like a trap. I don’t understand how someone does it so effortlessly and flawlessly in the beginning and then when I start doing more in the relationship for our best interest, she just all of a sudden forgot how to do it and now has an excuse for it every time but god forbid if I stopped doing stuff for her.

  22. I wanna have a talk with her about it too but she refuses it every time because she insists that i shut her down when its the exact opposite of that. She does have a manipulative nature and after countless arguments of me not putting up with her bullshit and the ridiculous lies she finally realized that she couldn’t do it to me anymore. However, I feel like she’s slowly getting back into that and this is her way of having one up on me. It sounds crazy and like I’m overthinking but having to be with her every day and constantly having to watch her every move makes you pay attention more whether it’s innocent or not

  23. Oh gosh dude... It sounds like you've got some bigger issues to sort out if you she is manipulative and stonewalls you when you try and talk to her about the things that are bothering you. The fact that she lies to you frequently and is now trying to gain leverage when you start to draw boundaries and stand firm in your own reality is pretty concerning. I don't think it sounds crazy. It sounds like you're dating a manipulative person.

  24. For men, they often want a natural woman with plastic like proportions. In my experience, men do prefer a more "natural" look. Meaning no procedures too obvious, makeup in subtle neutral colours etc. But most guys are 100% clueless about cosmetics and cannot identify who has and who hasn't had work.

  25. Fruit juice is the health equivalent to soda without the carbonation and artificial flavours.

  26. But fruit juice still has way better nutritional value than soda. And not all fruit juices are equivalent in sugar to soda, ones without added sugars or use 100% of only fruit are very good alternatives that shouldn’t spike your insulin as much as other foods/drinks. Nothings better than eating whole fruits to get that fiber in though

  27. Even juice that is 100% fruit juice is a simple carb that will spike your insulin. It is essentially the nutritional equivalent to soda. Minus the vitamin c, but a lot of micronutrients are lost during the processing of fruit juice and are not the nutritional equivalent to eating a piece of fruit.

  28. This just sounds like a highly insecure person. It doesn't really have to do with masculinity.

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