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  1. It’s literally around a two foot section of 2x4 and you just place it about 8 inches up from the bottom of the ramp. It just works like an extension to the ramp so you can drive up the 2x4 a little ways before you get to the ramp.

  2. Checking Hyundai's website they are all over, and it looks like the last shipments will be in around October.

  3. Call and see, think you'll find most of them are spoken for or already gone.

  4. If you have bluelink and the app installed, it will remind you after a time if your doors are unlocked, which you can then lock from the app... but that's about it.

  5. Lol absolutely not. Tell me you've never hard driven an N car without telling me.

  6. 62,000. I called Hyundai customer service and they are going to try to get it covered since it’s just barely out of warranty

  7. I searched the discord for your issue and there's a couple people had the same code, high pressure, fixed with a replacement pump. So maybe that's all you'd need.

  8. Except no. They may recommend 0w-30, but my manual states I could also use whatever is available for my given climate, including 5w-30.

  9. I am exceptionally happy with my ExtremeContact Sports. I think they're the best summer tire in the wet and close in the dry. Cheaper than the Michelins too.

  10. Why's she getting the benefit of the doubt in your estimation but not him?

  11. That woman gonna start bawling her eyes out when the cops come and take her gun and kids away.

  12. Put it in n mode, hold clutch and put in first gear, stab the throttle pedal. Set whatever revs you want to launch at. Release clutch and go!

  13. On the DCT the speed at which you press the gas seems to matter which is why this guy said stab the throttle don't just press it down. Really step on it.

  14. Yeah I really can't name even one app acquisition where I was like "Oh that really unlocked some hidden potential." It's basically always to skim a little more data, or a little more money.

  15. How anyone can look at him and then buy the supplements he shills for on his show… I don’t know

  16. To quell wild drunk man it is always advised to spray the penis to calm them. Once the drunk man is calmed down enough, he will wander back into nature to find more beer.

  17. Doesn't have to be this particular brand, this is pricey, but this is the kind of thing you're looking for

  18. I got the turtle wax graphene black ceramic wax and was not impressed 😂 steer away from that imo. Everything else seems okay in my amateur opinion though! Good product!

  19. Why not impressed? I've actually been quite impressed with it, the only issue I have with it is controlling overspray on windows.

  20. If I owned a gun; I would make sure my kids knew where I kept it so that if ever they were home alone and needed to use it, they would be able to access it.

  21. Halfway down the thread it’s literally the 3rd comment off a parent comment.

  22. This is gonna boggle your mind, but the comments move around as they get more or less upvotes

  23. It was 7 minutes. Ofc it’s gonna shuffle so maybe wait a bit before you claim you “head to read halfway down the thread”.

  24. Yeah ok m8 I'll take down a note and come back after a few hours so I can make sure I'm allowed to make the comment "halfway down the thread" because that was the critical part of my comment lol. You're ridiculous.

  25. They are more sensitive than you're probably used to, but it is also not the case that if you like hit one pothole the tire explodes. That said, I would make sure whatever tires you get have a road hazard warranty and I personally picked up a spare tire for peace of mind.

  26. That shit annoys me like all of a sudden people wanna stop the fight

  27. I mean the guy is on the floor unconscious. Whoever started it, whatever happened before that the fight needs to end. For both their sakes. He-Man is going to kill the guy if he keeps going and self defense isn't going to fly.

  28. What I’ve never got is why tf it matters whether the story was fake or not? We already know girls of any age can be sexually assaulted, and we know that it’s possible, not even unlikely, for a 10 year old to already have her period / be able to get pregnant.

  29. This was my thoughts as well. Fine, pretend like the girl doesn't exist, now it's a hypothetical. In this hypothetical, are you ok with forcing the girl to give birth? No? Then change the law. Stop doing this stupid "its not real there's no proof" nonsense, just trying to kick the can down the road, muddy the water however possible so they don't have to change or do anything to improve anything

  30. My aunt and uncle. I see it sitting in their garage, a 73. They won't take it out because of how much is wrong with it so it just sits there and the list gets longer and longer. I asked a couple times if I could help, or do it, no go. So it'll just sit there slowly rotting until it's basically unsalvageable when they die in 30 years

  31. damn, thats honestly so fucking sad.

  32. Its not a bad idea. Maybe down the line when I'm in a little better position to do something like that I will. Thanks for the idea.

  33. If only they'd passed the largest middle class stimulus bill in American history or were the only party to expand public healthcare or raise wages or forgive tens of billions in student loan debt, or appointed the Supreme Court Justices that established nationwide marriage equality, or halved the uninsured rate, or eliminated preexisting conditions, or put 20% profit caps on insurance companies.

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