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  1. Wow, that truly made my jaw drop. What a callous and hurtful comment. Do men truly not realize women don't enjoy that just because fingers and things are put up there? How dense amd just rude. I'm sorry you're feeling hurt. I hope you explain to him how fucked up that was and that he truly listens.

  2. Tell your boss first, and if he continues to harass you calmly tell him to stop, you aren't interested and don't want him making any comments like that. If he gets upset at that HE is the one making the scene, not you. He will look like the asshole, you won't.

  3. Wipe the excess face serums and lotions onto the back of your hands to prevent premature sunspots and signs of aging.

  4. By catching them together for all we know they were just in a room together talking. The guy has 0 credibility and isn't rational.

  5. Kim has a history of this stuff and I believe it . Also a lot of pics of Kim and Chris together . Just google them and Chris play with devin booker and Chris use to play in LA . Chris is married . I can't see Kanye saying this knowing Chris is married if not true .

  6. You can't see a guy who openly applauds Hitler and says he loves nazis bending the truth of a situation or being less than reliable? And Kanye cheated on Kim a ton, he openly admits it. He's got no ground to stand on.

  7. Low self esteem often leads men to continuously seek out women that will fawn over them. He's probably also very selfish and self centered and just doesn't really care about the long term, and if he can get easy sex he will.

  8. I really like that blue color with the pops of that brownish Orange. Great painting.

  9. I think a lot of people do this for the attention they get. It probably gets them a lot of views and that means money.

  10. I think it's pretty obvious the guy is saying outlandish things that no sane person agrees with. If she's working behind the scenes to get protections for her kids from him or anything along those lines she probably can't say things in public about his actions. Even so, she shouldn't have to pipe up and disagree with her ex every time he goes on a rant. For her kids sake it's best to not get involved.

  11. I think it's because she can purse her lips without looking like an idiot. It draws attention to her mouth/lips.

  12. Yeah but we aren't talking about Asians being racist in China and Japan, we are talking about targeted attacks on Asian people by black people in America.

  13. Not defending but majority of this type of crime happens in places like NYC where a lot of immigration happens. So I’m sure something is going on.

  14. Does anyone even care anymore? She's kept this fried hair for like a year, is getting slammed by everyone for siding with child exploitation and abuse....why does anyone care what color she dyes her hair at this point?

  15. I couldn't tell if it was one of their beige boring houses or a medical facility.

  16. We didn't really need 4 duckface photos in one post. Does she not see how ridiculous she looks when she does that?

  17. I hate being that person because age shouldn’t matter blah blah, but honestly she looks so dumb. At what point does one stop doing those stupid faces? I’m guilty of doing the peace sign tho 🥴

  18. Yeah it was dumb when she did it in her 20s but now it seems so desperate. She does it constantly. You'd think she'd want to give off classy sexy vibes at her age, not 14 year old try hard that thinks she's being omgsocute.

  19. I can't fathom having such a need for attention and going to these lengths to get it.

  20. At this point why doesn't she just start talking with a duck face on? She loves it so much just never stop, or even better just get surgery so it's permanent. She looks stupid as hell.

  21. We ALL reach our boiling points and overreact occasionally. We don't all assault someone when that happens. It isn't justifiable and he needs to stop trying to explain it away.

  22. Isn't Dorothy a child? Like I know the movie came out a long time ago but the character is still technically a child right? Correct me if I'm wrong lol

  23. What is a white feminist? Like she's white and a feminist or is that a term for something else?

  24. It’s a feminist who only cares about issues that affect (usually wealthy) white women. You’ll often sometimes see it referred to as “choice feminism” (ie the belief that any choice a woman makes is inherently feminist because she’s exercising agency).

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