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  1. Her friend Sami and her ex Jagger are suspicious as hell. Sami seems wayyyy to eager to be in the spotlight and the fact that Jagger is searching in Reno, says he's sure she's fine and alive someplace and that he will find her. Weird.

  2. I'd like to see Sara's yearbook photo. She looks like she's had quite a bit of work.

  3. You mean your hair doesn’t sit away from your body in an almost perfectly straight line?! 😂

  4. I’m pretty sure it’s a terrible cut & paste job, Kylie’s hair is weirdly flat above Kim’s left hand and oddly straight in the cup of her right. I’ve worked on a lot of photoshoots and this pic is poorly patched/edited together.

  5. Go look at the whole photo on IG, it's a tree making it look like a straight flat line. Not saying there's no photoshop in the pic but that particular thing is because of the tree.

  6. I'm not trying to be rude but why are all their bodies so huge compared to their heads? Is that on purpose?

  7. She wants both the illusion of perfection/hardwork and the mystique of how she actually accomplishes it all.

  8. Wait....her brother in law is posting her cleavage and suggesting sexual stuff? What the hell....

  9. Oh damn lol.....I guess when I hear Travis associated with the KJs I think Barker.

  10. Kim's lipo tummy looks like the photo Khloe tried to have erased from the internet..weird she chose to post it.

  11. Omg there is so much that suggest something weird happened. It's been talked about a lot here. Khloe says and does stuff with Rob that is very inappropriate. Something about Rob would watch them have sex.. I'm at work but I'll find some links for you in a bit. Definitely speculation but idk something is definitely strange about them two and he seemed very troubled over something. There was an article where he said there were dark things that happened in that house and something about how he did something he regrets. I gotta do a lil digging to find it.

  12. That's just super uncomfortable to read, holy crap. I can't imagine saying those things to my brother even as a complete joke and I could never drape my body over his. Bleh!

  13. I don’t like it either and I’m usually supportive of Khloe. That filter makes everything so much worse and her makeup / contour is never done well. The cheeks always look so low. I’m not a fan of the nose job but especially with the Rudolph filter.

  14. Her make up looks like she's bruised. Maybe it's the filter but tbh that's even worse...if she had decent make up done then scrolled through filters and was like "yup this one fucks my shit up, perfect."

  15. Her nose is SO distracting, honestly. I know everyone always says this about anyone who gets any surgery, but she truthfully and wholeheartedly did not need to do this, this is so much more detracting than any wide nose she ever thought she had.

  16. Except you can get it from just shaking someone's hand or touching something they touched.

  17. There was one gal on Potomac I think that didn't and the girls were rude af about it.

  18. I was watching a Vice news clip today about animal trafficking and the guy said he and others use Facebook to sell baby orangutans and other illegally captured animals....Facebook doesn't do jack shit about things like that but they rat on a woman and her child for trying to obtain health care? The fuck, man....

  19. Sadly I think all their daughters are going to need therapy if they hope to dodge their mothers obsession with body image.

  20. It was super obvious she had implants before this but at least now she can't keep denying it.

  21. See I thought this might be the case, but I did some research and all I could find was that they were ethnically white?

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