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  1. He knows damn well he’s gotta get his shit together and something happens to that boy, it’s his ass

  2. it's a joke from the batman arkham and spiderman reddits

  3. Kyle’s oldest two kids (Adam and Austin) are older than his now wife

  4. But the game is broken... Maybe if they did start changing stuff they'd actually fix problems

  5. Thank you for your sublime observation skills

  6. For real tho, why do they keep rejoining and leaving? I’ve only been watching F1 since 2011 and I never and still don’t understand it

  7. “I was scared of burning my own friend!” “Why would you burn him in the first place Dunn?” “Cause it was funny.”

  8. Fuck man I’m on the verge of tears seeing that Bam was worried if he would see Phoenix again and being able to prove himself to be a good dad.

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