News from Any-Sea-6592

  1. It was actually built in space one module at a time. you failed that mission. lol.

  2. You just failed again. I was just passing info on from the "experts" since you got it wrong

  3. Glad ya dig it as it was made by me lol haha. Plenty more too. haha. It can get addictive making tunes, i know it sounds sad but its true lol.

  4. That is odd,there's loads unanswered and worth exploring with inner and outer space and we've got one "unquestionable" source of info, I'm all for new theories, good science is looking at the anomalies.

  5. My thoughts are the powers at be are hiding more land, more resources more animals and humans. they have kept this secret from the day they found out Antarctica isnt a continent, instead its the shoreline of the region we call Earth. There is a reason all nations signed the Antarctica Treaty. and its crazy how it has the highest elevation on earth. Insane. lol.

  6. There's a video from a BBC documentary that shows them faking it ....was on YouTube but think it's been taken down but it clearly shows them faking the distance they are at

  7. Wow. Just say you don’t understand atmosphere, optics and photography, it’s ok, we won’t laugh.

  8. You can laugh all you want. I dont need to defend it. It speaks for itself. You can do this little experiment yourself if you have photoshop. So stop being a simpleton and get at it.

  9. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it’s flat or round. We seem to be in some sort of simulation that presents itself to the observer. The double slit experiment proves it.

  10. Yea it does. If its flat it means space is not what they say it is. And we are on a flat plane that is endless and full of other regions like Earth, like Mars, like Venus and so on. We have pretty close neighbors just passed the shoreline, which is Antarctica lol. There is a reason all the powerful nations signed the Antarctica Treaty. They all agree while the rage wars on your TV screens.

  11. Looks like it's 27 miles of bulge total, which would not be obvious from 18,000 miles away.

  12. That is what an actually satellite looks like. Something has interfered with them. Maybe the magnetic pole shift. They arent meant to be down that low for all of us to see. The space charade was pretty close in getting exposed lol.

  13. If that's the case then I'll intentionally visualize and inquire that Elon and B.G. having a publicized bachelor's party together, while wearing unicorn hats, and handing out free advice about life. And so that I may observe if that ever syncronize in this realm.

  14. Nice. That is some deep shit bro. Life is crazy and we take it for granted which is so insane. But the one thing that trips me out the most is that we always tend to forget we are in a system that exploits and manipulates us on a daily basis lol. Its not normal and feels like our life has been highjacked lol. Sorry for the randomness. lol

  15. Yeah. It all boils down to self-subjugation, or a source reality that has to create its own friends and enemies since there aren't anyone out there but only the source itself. Thankfully what I can control for now are my thoughts and breathing, and hopefully things goes well from there. I wish you and others the same.

  16. 100% mate. What a cool trippy random convo. Im glad you replied. Thanks for that. haha. Good shit.

  17. Dude... Why call them simpletons? Don't you think helping these people understand they've been fooled is a better approach then ridiculing them more?

  18. Cause its true. If you blindly believe anything you are told you are a simpleton. If you think one country is evil while the other one is good you are a simpleton if you dont think for yourself you are a simpleton. I was a simpleton back in the day but 9/11 was my wake up call.

  19. Well that's not a healthy way to think. Anyways have a good one.

  20. If you want to go down the rabbit hole of "what's this all for?" you're going to find it out eventually by shear force of will. Never relent in your search and never allow 1 rabbit hole to over-fixate you.

  21. Well said! I broke out of the trance way back with 9/11. From that day on i never saw the world we live in the same. We are getting played on a scale that is hard to imagine.

  22. I'm referring to the clowns in the video.

  23. Here comes some flat earth space denier lmao. Dude, we still use weather balloons, too. I think this was a calculated risk by China.

  24. Show me a real pic of a satellite. Also where and when was the ISS built?

  25. Do you want pictures of the ISS from Earth?

  26. Read what i asked. Read it very slow. I did not ask for that. Balloon satellites are real while space satellites are not. Prove me wrong mate.

  27. Not a good spy balloon. lol. I smell bs. I smell a false flag brewing. When i say false flag i dont mean its going to be fake i just mean they are all in on it playing us as fools. What is their proof its from China. Does it say Made in China?

  28. Should ask how many dinners did bill gates attend with Jeff. lol.

  29. Look into the Patriot Act, it’s already here they just packaged it with a different label so we where ok with them doing the same thing the Brits did.

  30. Cheers man. Ill see if it works on FB and fair enough.

  31. He is by far the most embarrassing President in my lifetime.

  32. Highly entertaining tho. I know thats not the point. But who needs Michael Scott when you have this gem lol.

  33. I watch this every morning for inspiration and achieving the best. Na but i have been watching it non stop. This is what The office would be like if it was a TV show about The President lol.

  34. Dude this the third time I seen your post today. You have nothing move on please.

  35. Yea that was a one off. Didnt mean to grind ya gears.

  36. all i see are cloud formations and lens flare

  37. Cheers for your feedback. THat sucks balls. I can clearly see a black rectangle. I only recorded that area in the first place because some caught my eye. Goddam it. haha. Thanks man.

  38. Just like that pandemics are trending like wild fire. first it was covid then it was the failed attempt at monkey pox now they are getting desperate lol.

  39. A black rectangle is not a lens flare. its just sitting there between the clouds.

  40. Got it. Thought your post was one of the many others asking about the “white spaceship that went past their camera.” Glad this isn’t that.

  41. Yea sorry about that. Should of been a bit more clearer. The rectangle is lower left of the sun (8 o'clock) and the flare passes over it. i have the first post up aswell. Which isnt filtered like this. Hope that helps. Let me know.

  42. I had to watch it 5 times. The rectangle is lower left of the sun (8 o'clock) and the flare passes over it.

  43. Man that was a really simple way of explaining where the rectangle is. Thank for you that. Wish the footage was better so sorry about that.

  44. Better footage than some. At least you caught it, whatever the hell it is.

  45. This was 2021. Did they forcibly round people up? Nope. Lot o hot air and posturing. Easily biggest nothing burger i seen today.