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I am convinced that Hilaria has attempted to be cast or feature in some capacity on the upcoming ‘RHONY’ reboot that is due to start filming this month. Explanation and indicators explained in the post.

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  1. So someone is goin to say move that table and chair right? But they needed proof it was real and kids visited her in the hospital.

  2. This is her MO. She takes elements of truth, invents her own version of reality and loves that people hate her for it. It's the form of witchcraft she practices: giving power more than natural.

  3. Haha how about you take 12 giant steps to the front of the class? Take this 🎟️ because it gives you a free pass for any errors. A+ on your comment in the OP.

  4. There's been no change to his being on the Board and he's still listed as one of three Chair Emeriti's at

  5. Oh, good one Pepino! Maybe it's one of those jobs he's saying he got fired from because he's toxic and his wife's a joke?

  6. Hmmmmm…I’ve never actually watched any of the real housewives shows—just the clips I see on social media. But I would tune in to see some shark of a woman rip Hilaria to shreds.

  7. Same here but I doubt it will happen because of the way it would draw attention to Halyna's death which is such a awful thing and a terrible part of their lives that hangs over their existence too much to be ignored, compounded by Hillz's horrible Instagram post in which she portrayed her and Alec as victims. I'd be tempted to watch but I'd be seething so much the whole time knowing the depth of my contempt.

  8. She really does. No wonder she spends so much time in the bathroom looking at herself after all the procedures she's had done. Her mother has pretty obvious lines across her forehead and Hillz's forehead is the same when she's expressive. She's had that area of her forehead lifted and corrected. Plus, she keeps her face pretty posed all the time to avoid the appearance of those lines. It's likely why she used to always wear bangs.

  9. Rough looking council estate Mami looking for her smokes after too many g&t’s down the local pub

  10. "The only person who knew Baldwin was going to fire the weapon was Baldwin,” the judge wrote.

  11. Omg this is so hilarious! Sorry for your experience but thanks for sharing I'm still laughing, sorry...

  12. "You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner."

  13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And the very next day he meets Hillary. She is everything (and more) that he claims he doesn't want.

  14. Since I don't believe her story in the slightest about the universe instantly springing in to action at her behest, suddenly providing her with the love she declared she was ready for (virgin that she was, as she claims). Instead, I think it was something like she started obsessively stalking him and set the whole thing up, later making it sound as if they met by magic. 🪄

  15. Not only that but she's a saint. At least that's what he knows she wants him to say about her. He's such an actor!

  16. I wonder how other world leaders feel about Putin wearing a flower crown and attending the vow renewal of two assclowns. 🤡🤡

  17. Wow lets hope hillz dont see this, she might fall from her headstand..

  18. There’s like nothing close he could say he was looking at even. He was checking out das bewbs.

  19. Right, of course! Nothing wrong in Hillz's magical thinking world with lying about your identity, especially when your Mom, MD embedded in to your brain from an early age that truth is a choice, but eating meat absolutely isn't.

  20. I just realize this was the result of another SM break. I hope those poor kids weren’t browbeaten into videoing over this weekend… But I’m sure that’s a big part of what this break was about. Those poor kids

  21. So, so, so scripted like Hillary's choreographed dance routines she performed as a child. She's desperate to be seen as unique when all her ideas are borrowed and based in make-believe.

  22. She'll turn them into self-obsessed performers of some kind like she was as a kid. Alec has already demonstrated he'd like for them to form a family band or something. I can envision Rafa and Leo doing some modeling like their big, big sister. Mayo will open a vegan sandwich shop and ride dirt bikes competitively. Edu won't be evicted and will become a "property manager," with Marilu running the "office" in the Hamptons. Carmen will meet some guy(s) while studying Art, Film/Media, Interpretive Dance at NYC and always be hungry, and baby Ultima will become a mixologist.

  23. Next on her agenda: “champion of protecting bullied women everywhere who somehow don’t realize that they can just stop posting or accepting new followers on social media any time they want.”

  24. I guess if he had said, "You are a very weird person and my hope is that the children aren't as strange as you are," there'd be no witching hour visits sans moonbump.

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