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  1. I preordered the first issue as soon as it was announced. Received it a little bit ago but the cover on mine is not the caricatures of the boys everyone else seems to have received. Anyone else get one with a smiling Gacy clown surrounded by bubbles?

  2. That’s the cover of the standard hardcover edition. The standard softcover edition has the cover I think you are referencing. You can see details at

  3. Nice! Got a Laphroaig version last week, myself.

  4. Serious hell mouth stuff afoot if it's that dark at 9:18am...

  5. I wonder which gene I got? I despise cilantro: to me it tastes like cold, used dishwater.

  6. That gravy looks significantly darker than mine and I'm curious why

  7. Let your roux darken more before adding the milk.

  8. Credit is earned for demonstrating the learning objectives of the course. The assignments and quizzes are the assessments for them to demonstrate their understanding/mastery of those objectives. There is no credit for "the right answer".

  9. If you are taking precalc and calculus (courses Math 1150/1151), you should look into Math 1140/1141 instead. They are two 4 hr courses instead of two 5 hr courses and have shown better student success and have a better reputation.

  10. According to King Arthur's website (the flour company, not the mythic ruler): "A cup of all-purpose flour weighs 4 1/4 ounces or 120 grams"

  11. Funny, but really only a small subset of students are like this. It feels like a lot, but 90% of my student# simply don’t pester me about getting a better grade.

  12. That proportion sounds about right, but with nearly 1000 students in a semester, that remaining 10% really adds up.

  13. Most of the university-level education research agrees with "test early, test often" as a more effective pedagogy than just a few exams.

  14. If you’re results driven, sure they are better. But I’m sure the weeks of exam-related anxiety and stress is not good for you.

  15. Right, they have to be in implemented correctly. More exams should mean that each is worth less of your grade and covering less material. It is supposed to make them LESS stressful.

  16. Just got a notice through Carmen that they're dropping the lowest exam grade. That should help.

  17. I find it strange how conservatives just speculate on what progressives and leftists “really believe” all the time. Like, you could just talk to us...

  18. They're not speculating. They're arguing in bad faith.

  19. Board game geek gives it a 4.35/5 for weight. I'd hate to see what a 5 is.

  20. The weights are really subjective. You can't put much reliance on them.

  21. I’ve used proctorio in several classes last semester and, while it is a pain in the ass, professors tend to use it to review if you’re cheating (as opposed to proctorio saying “you moved your eyes you must be cheating!”). So they might choose a few instances where it happens and just make sure. I registered with SLDS and they’re aware that I may need a break (I have extra time) so sometimes I just rub my eyes and sit back. But overall, I wouldn’t worry too much about proctorio since professors likely won’t give you a zero just because it says you looked away for a fraction of a second. Honestly, as long as you’re not cheating, you’re in the clear. Good luck!

  22. That's all Proctorio ever does. It just flags exams where there is more movement and sound than it expects for your instructor to fast forward through.

  23. As a physics teacher, it pisses me off to no end when kids do this. I know they don’t know wtf they did to get the answer and they won’t be able to repeat, but I can’t really mark them incorrect for it.

  24. Of course you can. This process doesn't demonstrate proficiency in the learning objectives.

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