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  1. Do some sort of exercise when you get the urge. If it’s too late at night to go for a walk then do something inside, 10 push ups. Anything. Cold shower. If you relapse, just know you’re a slave to your own mind, build that discipline

  2. Congrats bro, I bet that relief is so great! So happy for you

  3. Are there reasons an appointment would need to involve them (or at least involve waiting for them)? I'm not being sarcastic, genuine question.

  4. I don't know your situation mate. I wish you all the best, all I'm saying is don't wait around.

  5. I understand mate and thank you for caring. I’ll for sure get a new appointment and force an ultrasound when I get the chance to.

  6. You’ve done the best thing with going to see the doc regardless of whether it turns out to be cancer or not.

  7. Thank you so much, I guess it helps knowing it’s normal to be scared about cancer. And yeah, at least I might get some insight about what’s going on down there. Either way (if doc says it’s epididimytis etc) I should insist on getting an ultrasound right? I’m in the uk so im hoping it’ll be on the nhs and I won’t have to pay

  8. Ye I would be surprised if they said no to you asking and for it to be looked at by a specialist rather than a GP have the final say. Should be free too - got to love the NHS (especially when it comes to cancer diagnosis and treatment from personal experience!)

  9. Feel like nob though, been to the doctors 3 times since Christmas. One for numb leg which I still get and was told “just put extra layers on when it’s cold it’s probably your vessels narrowing”, 2 weeks later diagnosed with costochondritis, now my ball is like a tangerine. Life is great 👍🏻

  10. I was prescribed anti inflammatory gel (fenbid gel) two weeks ago. This post reminded me I have costochondritis still. Haven’t felt any pain whilst using it.

  11. You mean diclofenac? If so, how many %?

  12. Ibuprofen gel (fenbid) 5%. I sent you it in your messages

  13. It could be testicular torsion maybe? That’s if the testical is actually horizontal. I’d definitely get that checked because if the pain has gone now then there is a chance the testicle could be dead.

  14. Painful isn’t it mate, last night trying to sleep was hell.

  15. Everyone I spoke to about Chester was pretty down about it, but I really enjoyed it. Walls all the way around, lots of history, Roman amphitheater, good zoo.

  16. Growing up there makes me think it’s so overrated, however it must be so interesting for people to visit for the first time

  17. ive had the latter it sucks. are you hyper-mobile? my body has very much given up on me and i’ve narrowed it down to being a connective tissue issue. it can cause your joints to slip and trap nerves, is why i mention it too

  18. No I’m not hyper-mobile. Completely opposite lol, if whatever it is carries on for another week or so I’ll get back in the doctors. Gonna try take more walks and stay on my feet more often and see if that helps at all

  19. sounds like a plan! (stick with it tho, i always tell myself that if it lasts for another x amount of time that ill go, but i rarely do). walks sound good all around, good luck :)

  20. Silly me, thinking he’d take responsibility

  21. Blocked me a while ago when I told him to come to Liverpool and see what happens to you

  22. The good news is that most cases of cancer aren't painful. That being said, definalty go see your doctor. There is a short list of common things that cause testicular pain and a doctor should be able to sort them out.

  23. I’ve done the basic procedure of checking and feeling for lumps 10+ times in the last hour, feel absolutely nothing and in fact both are the same size but left is lower which I know is normal. I think I possible have a slipped disc or some nerve damage as I don’t really do much than sit down 6+ hours a day. The pain is mostly my groin and hip on the right side so probably not cancer you’d say?

  24. i generally dislike rebranding but feel that grimsby could do with a change of town name.

  25. Lingonberry is very sour. They grow in like nordics and I guess Canada and there abouts I would imagine. North in general I think. A bit too sour to eat without making into a jam or mixing with sugar or something.

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  27. I despise Paul however I think she’s lying, can’t stand attention seekers

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