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  1. You absolutely should only have sex or do anything sexual when you are ready and not due to pressure of any kind. Sex undertaken that way leads to resentment and hurt feelings. having sex before you are ready is a bad decision. If he won’t respect your boundaries he isn’t worth keeping around.

  2. To live happily ever after, never have sex, but magically have our child one day, and to be lovey dovey with each other til the end of time but never do the sacred sex.

  3. So you are ok with never having sex the rest of your life? SMH. Be friends with her then because that’s what you are. Sex is one of the definitional attributes of marriage that separates that relationship from all others. I get that she has hang ups and you absolutely shouldn’t force her but, why get married if there is no sex? Seriously. Why couldn’t you just be friends and you go fill that need with someone else.

  4. Is this a real question? “ my wife cheats but wants to stay with me. Can she stay friends with her love monkey?” GTFO with this pathetic bull.

  5. When you got a piece of the bootyackum, lay em down and smackem jackem

  6. NTA and you know it. She damaged your property. That’s well beyond giving someone a chance

  7. Replicators from Star Trek. its like Amazon instantly and presumably without the worker exploitation.

  8. “You know I kinda enjoy the feeling of pushing out a big constipated log through inflamed hemorrhoids and the swirl of brown and red ribbons it leaves behind!”

  9. She has said something along the lines of, her own faith is her own choice, and things involving her own body are her own choice only. That’s fine but I don’t think I can change myself by force without driving me further from her and further from any church.

  10. Repetitive tapping. its not in the air tonight and you ain’t Phil Collins

  11. Better keep going or whatever is at clue 73 might die.

  12. When the flag doesn’t always go all the way up the flagpole.

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