News from Apart_Ad810

  1. I might just carry this on lmao.

  2. uncle rad would be nice (i want to feel his hair)

  3. i want to see the toys above it to see if they’re any better (probably not)

  4. that is the hardest album cover i have ever seen right next to gucci mane’s trap story

  5. shit lime this always happens with hyped up releases a good example being the jordan 1 lost and found

  6. me when i see apandah feet (i am schizophrenic and i think the panda is real)

  7. I cant believe on his ig he’s portraying himself as this big tough masculine gym bro and then has videos of him shaking his ass and pictures of what look like panties on

  8. haha what an idiot can i get the link to laugh at him lol hahahahahahaha

  9. 2 by 2 hellcat go fast bust down rollie put it in my ass

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