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  1. It is still not his final form, Saitama will die of old age before Garou is done

  2. Well I mean if they were black way more people would complain because of use of something black as an unpaid workforce

  3. WTF is going on here?? Who are they?? What are they protesting against?? Why are they making them do dog walk?? Is it in America??

  4. Its the gay parade and you must support it because it is not at all weird or unnatural or fucked up and definitely not a mental illness

  5. I'd assume reverse psychology as well as goods. By that I mean by telling the people that You (the company) leaving the country is bad, they will get second thoughts, maybe even enough for them to try and make you stay on more favourable terms. Then, you supply goods which people use. If you overcome the native suppliers, the people start to quite literally depend on your goods and do not wish to return to a depleted local supplier who makes products at a lower quality.

  6. My brother loves this anime. I never watched it but I love the retro style. I need to give it a shot.

  7. Way cooler to use freaky eldritch beams to mentally cripple the enemies for life instead

  8. Luckily none of the parties I go to contain the mentally unstable gays

  9. Man, that is why I like my home country - you can hang out with people of all ages that understand how biologically wrong lgbt is

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