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  1. I've never really found a foolproof way, but here are a few tips.

  2. Thanks. I already knew the strat with symmertries and it worked for one puzzle, but it did not work at all for another one. Does this only work sometimes? And does the strat of breaking it into half also only work sometimes? Like what if I'm trying to solve a half in vain and it will never work? Cause I was already trying both of these things with tower floor 4 puzzle and nothing worked for 30 mins and I quit.

  3. Splitting the puzzle into two blocks is kind of what I meant with the first point. None of the tips always work unfortunately, but like you saw they're good starting points, a bit of fiddling around can help get you there.

  4. That's just the standard old reddit theme for this sub - either enable it in your user preferences, or specifically go to

  5. AI did play the game. Croteam wrote a puzzle-solving bot to test the puzzles.

  6. it's possible to trap samsara. I remember doing it every time and it's easy enough I'm pretty sure it's intended.

  7. It's not directly intended, which can be seen pretty obviously if you trap them as early as possible, which causes the bot pathfinding to go haywire and drop you to 20fps. Croteam however kind of likes to leave a few breadcrumbs around (like these platforms), and they have this sort of general "if it's not hurting anyone why fix it" mentality, so someone might well have left it in thinking "we'll see if anyone can make something fun out of that". And we can,

  8. Those platforms are just barely too tall to get a direct jump up, so instead you need to kind of bump up the edge. Your collision is a capsule, so think of it like slamming a ball (the bottom part of your collision) horizontally into a 45 degree wall, you'll get a bit of extra height out of it.

  9. Strictly speaking, there are two stars you need to use the tower terminals for. Milton will never talk to you at these terminals.

  10. You're really thinking too little of QA. They're not stupid, and there just isn't some secret magic process only glitch hunters know that's a million times more effective. Nevermind how a decent number of glitches start from a random casual running into something weird, rather than being found by someone specifically looking. QA and glitch hunting are essentially the exact same thing. The only real difference is scale, thousands of players will naturally find issues quicker than a small QA team - but you can't exactly say "just employ a thousand more people" and expect it to save money.

  11. Ah dang. Yeah I wouldn't loose anything restarting but I'm already far enough in to another play through of Gehenna that I'd rather not go back. There's a command to hide it, I'll probably just use that.

  12. You can load a backup from before you enabled them. Backups with cheats should be marked with an asterisk.

  13. That's a jammer glitch/barrier glitch. They happen when you're standing (close to) to very center of the barrier - close enough that it still thinks your on the correct side, and doesn't make you walk to grab it, but still far enough that when the barrier closes you get pushed to the other side. It's easier to line them up by walking into the model on the edge, but they'll work anywhere, you can even get them running at full speed if you're really (un)lucky.

  14. There are a small handful of terminals which are required to progress the puzzles. These are very obvious, you'll know when you see them, and milton will never talk to you at them. Outside of them, you can skip everything else.

  15. With no backup, you do need to replay unfortunately. You don't need to do everything though - you can always skip stars, and with some creative solutions you can skip getting some greens and yellows. I wrote a guide on

  16. Better to not put it at all so you don't need to bother going back and editing it when it gets beat.

  17. All archive entries are accessible without Milton, if you make a deal he just gives you them all without needing to unlock them manually. If you ask for QR codes though, he can actually unlock some you can't get anywhere else - but mostly just because they're misconfigured and can't be unlocked legitimately, not because they're related to him

  18. It really depends on exactly what achievements you need and where your oldest backup is. Help From Above just requires a single unsolved red puzzle (and a hint) - that's kind of lenient, though it is still possible to get locked out. Hedging my bets requires you to have never spent any red sigils before getting them all - that one's a lot easier to lock yourself out of.

  19. You can get it in the first open puzzle area in the game. Just go into a puzzle, walk into a wall and keep walking for 5 or so minutes, it can be any puzzle behind a purple gate, then just wait for Elohim to tell you to give up, then leave that specific puzzle through the purple entrance field. It should only take 10 or so minutes in total to get the achievement.

  20. Nope, there are only 9, it's intended for you to learn more mechanics by visiting the other hubs before completing them. A star in fact probably requires the most knowledge of all star worlds.

  21. You cannot buy fusion by itself. The buy button on the store page is for TFE HD. Buying any of the base games will also give you the fusion version of that game.

  22. Contrary to popular belief, appearing on ESA or GDQ gets you next to no new viewers. I myself have been in two, and can only trace one follower back to them. Most people only watch the big events for the event itself, they want to see high quality commentated runs and help charity, the actual reality of routing/grinding runs is very different.

  23. You can simply reload a recent backup after experiencing one ending to get another, no need to do a full new playthrough. If you do start another playthrough though, the game actually keeps one "max completion" backup around, which won't be overwritten by newer backups with just a handful of sigils. I put max completion in quotes because it's not exactly 100%, not sure what the cutoff is, but it's certainly far enough that you won't have any problems catching up.

  24. So firstly, it's important to make a distinction between routing and glitch hunting. Once you know about a glitch, it's just another tool you can use while routing, like any of the intended game mechanics. I've previously written about

  25. So if they've got a gun that's only used in the character screen, what other obscure guns will they have? The clone's default Dahl rifle? The level 1 Moloko from the start of the game? The SMG FL4K's jabber pet uses?

  26. There are dozens of these "low stake uniques", this is just the only interesting one since you can get it, but it's clearly not something you're meant to have access to (it's literally called SkillScreen in the code). For starter pistols, there are two Dahls, two Jakobs, and one Vladof. Pretty much every unique NPC has one - including a few duplicates like base game/dlc2 Hammerlock, or Burton/Burton's ghost. Each of Flak's loaders/jabbers has their own. Clone has this skill screen shrike, the Dahl AR, and a backup Hyperion SMG (not sure when/if that's ever used). Iron cub has a Vladof AR. The Jakobs pistol dropped by Rose is unique, as is one of the nades Jabbermogwai can drop. The mission reward from Don't Truck with Eden-6 is.

  27. You will have to restore backup from any ending in order to get another.

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