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  1. Thanks! I follow along on Google Maps. Whenever I see interesting stuff (all the time) I look at real-world pics.

  2. Done... but couldn't answer for the effect of digital marketing on me getting into F1, they didn't have any in 1994!

  3. Hahaha for sure. I'm not sure when I actually started watching F1, maybe 1-3 years before Senna died... It was always a thing on TV as a kid (with only 3 channels)

  4. I recently upgraded from 16 to 32 GB, and on my previous cpu, a ryzen 2600x, I couldnt get it working stably. It worked perfectly fine with 2x8GB DDR4-3200 CL16 but when I installed the same brand, same type, same specs but 2x16 GB sticks, it would randomly crash, even after overvolting the ram to 1.4v and reducing the speed to 3000 and increasing CAS latency.

  5. I've seen a chipset driver or a bios flash update be the way to solve this, quite a few times over the years actually

  6. I mean, technically that’s still feeding the birds. Some birds just eat other birds instead of seed. Besides, that blue jay probably ate it’s share of eggs and nestlings from other birds nests. Rather a native predator like a hawk take a bird from my bird feeder than an invasive pest like a stray cat.

  7. Tbf it was on ultra graphics with rapid rate world rendering and satellite updates

  8. Now, Schumacher on the other hand, well well.

  9. I'm confused, why is there not a nodding cat in the top right corner of those screenshots?

  10. I mean I feel like he's always at the bottom of everyone's top primarchs list But to be fair, the concurrence is heavy in terms of characters among the primarchs so yeah there's that too

  11. Well, he is kinda simple and straight forward at times, and doesn't really make good, sensible choices. Yeah you can empathise with him to some extent, but there isn't a lot to enjoy with him.... He doesn't play other people like his brothers do, he is often the one being played - or even working against the plan others set.

  12. I used Volanta to track the flights and Little Navmap to make sure I was parking and taking off at the same number parking spot - in most cases anyway.

  13. Is Volanta or SimToolkitPro better? I’ve been using STKP and enjoyed it decently, but I’ve been curious about Volanta (though I don’t really want to lose my logged hours in STKP)

  14. Does it do the same when you come in faster? You are very close to stall speed by the end of the vid and just as you hit the red bar you get the msg....

  15. My go-to for this is Into the Blue Simulations on YT. This 52min vid will tell you everything you need to know I'd expect

  16. anyone else having this problem with a Yoke they have or with the Velocity one and know the fix? i’m not even turning my yoke and my yoke in game every couple of minutes does this

  17. The only thing I can say is I've had similar issues with throttle and it turned out to be just having that axis bound on two controllers... With my throttle bound on the airbus flight stick and thrustmaster throttle, every few mins I'd get this drop off and full power surge over and over. Hopefully this is all that's up with your setup.

  18. What fucking psychopath puts raisins in potato salad?

  19. The older the person the more you will hear this. It used to be really bad, but hasn't been that way for over 20 years.

  20. Almost 500k if you count both regions ;) Thanks for recommending my add-on.

  21. Thanks for this. I am not exactly sure what I am looking at, but both axis values move when I move the X and Y axis.... Which is exactly the issue I am having.

  22. Do the axis actually go from -1 to 1 or are you seeing a limited range of movement?

  23. I'd be curious to see how many years of experience he could be said to have if you factor in his superior ability to learn, but that's a numerical value that I doubt even he would be able to calculate.

  24. For sure, and the fact that time sort of slows down for Primarchs when they concentrate, like when he was fighting the Alphas dressed as ultramarines and he was thinking to himself as he watched the bolt shells scream passed his head. Are we after some kind of dog-years type formula for primarchs?

  25. Sort of feels like his mother. ? Like no other driver has a Personal trainer that spends this much time with them, she seems to do everything for him. Even when he went to the BLM marches in London she was behind him carrying his bags.. same as she carries his bags into the paddock while he poses in his Wellingtons and skirts.

  26. May have something to do with seeing how Jenson used family like his dad to support him in each race. If it gives you strength and stability and it helps ya, then you would be stupid to not do it. I think a lot of other drivers have a very self-centric view so don't even consider it or understand why he does it - game day is game day and they race alone. Much harder to do it with gf's like tried in the past. Use an employee instead haha.

  27. Ugh, I hope not. It just doesn’t make sense for Jimmy Space and The Gang to be making deals or interacting as anything but enemies. The more GW delves into some of this stuff, the stupider/less mysterious/cool it becomes.

  28. I like the theory I've seen on here that Jimmy got the same power level as Horus did from Molech - but Horus kept it to himself, so will burn out. Jimmy split the power in 20 primarchs so he wouldn't then burn out.... So you could think that Chaos gave him the power in an aim to cause Jimmy to burn out and fade away, which kinda makes sense

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