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  1. So, I’m getting my grandma a new phone today after her Motorola g play casing exploded after being plugged in for a few hours. Its clearly melted and smells burnt. Thankfully she saw this, turned it off and unplugged it. I’m scared to think what could have happened if she fell asleep with this plugged in, or if she was using it to make a call. I want to call Motorola but I’m curious if that’s the best route? The staff at the xfinity mobile store were super kind to us, though it was clear that the phone scared them because they treated it like a bomb! My elderly grandmother has been carrying this thing around for a year! I’ll attach photos if I can.

  2. Motorola wasn't helpful at all. They offered to replace the phone but my father in didn't want to go near another Motorola again. They refused to do anything else. It was very disappointing to put it mildly

  3. The staff at the store told me the only other time they’ve seen this is with Motorola devices.

  4. Talk to a lender for sure- in my state, OR, we are seeing a lot of buyers receive seller concessions for 2/1 but downs and/or permanent rate buy downs, which save you money monthly. You need to qualify for the full loan amount of course, but could end up with a lower monthly payment than originally expected. Home ownership is the way to go- congrats on taking the steps!

  5. if not allowed please delete My RE team has an incredible 8 week wealth building series partnered with PLACE inc coming up in January. Happy to send a sign up link, it’s totally free for anyone to join, two recoded zoom sessions per week. It’s life changing I swear. Regardless of if you can afford this now or later, owning property is the best way to build future wealth for yourself and family - you are on the right track, I hope you feel proud of your ownership goals!

  6. I’m a newer agent as well and love this idea - however the other comments are inline with my team, no using capitol for blind leads like this. My lead gave me some good advice that I’ll pass along, “people forget you’re an agent every 16 days (probably less)”. So your focus needs to be on contact every 16 days.

  7. I swear the hardest part of the exam has to do with reading comprehension. I am naturally a “skimmer” so I force myself to read questions at least three times. It’s tedious! Questions like this are so annoying. I’ve found that certain questions force you to make assumptions, while other questions do not. I often forward these types of questions to my instructor (onlineed) and she has been so fabulous helping me understand what to “default” to when a question has assumptions involved.

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