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  1. I thought it was age too until I met someone I wanted to have sex with everyday! Still do 15 years later. It’s time you met that someone ,this asshat isn’t it.

  2. If you call an ambulance to come pick you up out of the waiting room….,,,,true story

  3. Hottest club where everyone dying to get in…

  4. No joke. My mother was killed at Kaiser . If you’re going to have Kaiser have an advocate or be your own advocate

  5. Just because parents have money and buy their kids shit doesn't mean they're loving.

  6. Why is it a blame game this kid might just be a real piece of shit some kids are good home bad home no home generalizing really what about the kids to come from really shitty fucked up homes and have never been in a fight in life explain that I truly believe it is our job to be better parents than our parents were but you better pray for this generation being raised by millennials do you think millennials are entitled what are their kids gonna be like oh my husband‘s mother wants to see the baby three times a week she’s overstepping her bounds shit my mother named my first kid and I was just happy I liked it granted that’s overstepping but I respected my mother enough to let it go Not post it on Reddit it and it make everybody’s life miserable get the fuck over yourself some people are just shitty and they started shitty kids

  7. I’ve met kids like this, typically their lives are great it’s just that they come from disgusting inbred families that praise them for this kind of behavior. Positive reinforcement is dangerous when it’s for the wrong thing

  8. Frenchies are an orthodontist dream are you kidding me ? He looks normal to me❤️

  9. That is the truth! He is very stubborn! But he’s also a good dog too most of the time but I really want him to listen and be easy during walks 😒

  10. They aren't just stubborn they are smart. And will play you like a fidel. I recommend a breeder to a friend. They got a puppy, they called me a week later 7 long days to tell me that the puppy was deaf. I said that can't be that breeder knows if great gramma had so much as a hang nail. I went to check on him and that little shit could hear me fine. He had set the ground rules. For 7 days he pretended he couldn't hear them. He is still that way hilarious. Now he does an amazing Stevie wonder.

  11. That’s what I’m thinking too. I’ll definitely bring that up, thank you

  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of French bulldogs. Jesus Christ if it’s not one thing it’s another and by the time you get him to the vet if heis worth his weight in frenchie it will be gone. And the oops here it is back. Someone said oatmeal for one of ours it was like pouring gas on a fire. Tea tree oil temporarily paralyzed one . These magical little creatures are almost as big a pain in the ass as the all knowing people that own them. I’ve had frenchies for over 20 years grand champions and not. I never thought for a minute you were using Reddit as your medical resource. Sometime we just need alittle reassurance. Keep us posted. After your VET appointment next Friday.

  13. So my frenchie isn't weird for doing this to her bed? We always thought she was unusual. Lol.

  14. I don’t think you could have picked a more suitable name. She owns it , she is absolutely adorable 🥰

  15. He looks like a Steve to me, but wears his hat like a Kyle!

  16. If only my frenching liked the wagon. He jumps out as soon as you put him in.

  17. Steve you were made for birthdays . You were made to wear that goofy hat and make me want to buy one . You are without question the cutest thing I have seen in a while. Thanks for being you .

  18. Awww ☺️🥺thanks friend!!! He is SUCH a ham for sure lol

  19. I have been owned by frenchies I’m on my 3rd. And he is the biggest asshole yet. And I wouldn’t trade him for the world….fucker

  20. That comment proves you’re too stupid to have an intelligent conversation, and you belong on a Walmart site lol You have a nice day now.

  21. I was waiting for the personal attack and bingo there you have it. At least you were to comment in I think that may be a record.

  22. I noticed my little rat terrier mix only likes really cold fresh water with ice. Might be worth a try?

  23. Mine prefers his water fresh and bottled and from the fridge 😩ive given the starving children in Africa speech to no avil. I can't blame him it's how I like mine too.

  24. Oh thanks! I’m taking him to the vet today. I did email my vet over the weekend with the same pics and he recommended starting with a chlorhexidine shampoo to treat the superficial stuff. I did try Benadryl the last couple days, but that haven’t seemed to anything but make him tired. He doesn’t scratch or itch much from what I can tell. Like you said, it doesn’t seem to bother him much. I’m just disappointed this has started so soon (6mo old). I have always fed him Pro Plan for sensitive skin and stomach and added a packet of FortiFlora probiotic in his food each morning. He has never reacted to chicken in the past, but his food doesn’t contain it now anyways. There are so many things that have changed or been added in his life. He goes to obedience classes, doggy daycare when I’m working, the dog park once in awhile, he loves being outside and goes most places with me. He is completely spoiled with the best of the best everything. I am going to transition him onto Stella and Chewy freeze-dried raw and stop the Fortiflora starting this week to see if it helps at all. Keep in touch and maybe we can figure it out together! 🙂

  25. Yea let’s . We recently moved and it was a rough move. But now he has grass which is all I can think of. No food changes do you have a Kahoots food store near you ? They have an amazing easy to feed humane grade raw . And you don’t have to get a second job to buy it. Stella and cheesy is so expensive . I first thought he had a tick it’s weird. Lol though not as weird as my first frenchie woke up one morning and all the hair on his back fell out , like a reverse Mohawk . We never did figure that out

  26. Just got home from vet. They said allergies and gave him a cytopoint injection and some special shampoo to use twice a week for a few weeks. They said depending on the return of symptoms, may have to eventually go to allergist for testing to pinpoint allergies.

  27. I just thought of something. I’m now wondering if they aren’t ant bites ? He does not itch and the only time it seem to bother him is I accidentally get a scab

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