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  1. Thanks, I just ordered mine on Amazon but ima have to find volumes 6,7,and 10 somewhere else

  2. Hardly a 13 thing people have complained about the over reliance since 10 I don’t notice her using it any more than 10 or 11

  3. Literally, I feel like people are just nitpicking, all because it ain’t David or Matt smh 🤦‍♂️ Also I don’t think Chibnall is as bad as you’re making him out to be, just because you have a preference for Steven Moffat or whoever

  4. A deck from the trading card game Weiss Schwarz.

  5. The TCG is Weiss Schwarz. It releases booster sets based on different anime series instead of expansions. Two Slime booster sets have been released in both Japanese and English, will probably get a third eventually.

  6. Basically the way OP did it is the best. THCA isolate is pure THC. 99%. BUT, being that you can’t get everything out BUT the THCA it’s more like a 90-95 when smoked. This stuff won’t get you blasted on its own as there are little to no terpenes or other micro cannabinoids. You normally add this to Bud or Dabs to boost potency. HOWEVER, what OP did is awesome!! THC when smoked is entering your system as Delta-9-THC, when ingested, this has to go through your liver and process it into 11-Hydroxi-THC. 11H is just a more potent, longer lasting version of THC. When you ingest a 95% THCA edible, that THCA is also converting to that 11HTHC; basically get ready for your mind to go to Mars if you eat one of these

  7. Very!! Isolate also doesn’t have as much plant matter in it so you don’t get that nasty earthy after taste

  8. That’s lit, that would be nice to get high and NOT taste like I’m smoking grass, but I guess that’s the aesthetic of normal bud innit

  9. Since I was never a fan of Juliet I kinda hope she left. As for Adalind I like her arc. You came this far so might as well finish it

  10. The backrooms is not an easy destination, it’s better described as a “wrong turn”, so maybe if you do things like messing up prayers or a ritual, you might be able to get their.

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