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  1. That is also the Olympia Classic Physique trophy.

  2. 18.7 depth x 13.25 width. Wondering if wiring/ cables out of the back caused it to protrude more. Also, was interested if workflow is affected with the front of machine being right on the edge. (I see a lot of people with counters and plenty of room to spare)

  3. You could put the table a few inches out from the wall so that the machine is hanging over the back a little bit, feet of machine permitting.

  4. In Australia Illy is A$60 per kg, whilst great beans from numerous local roasters are A$35 - $40 per kg.

  5. I'm surprised there's not! I was gonna mess with my own solution eventually (when my coffee making environment changes). Will also need to build a different lever and platform (never did buy the lever and platform; only bought the brewhead and built a monstrous multi-purpose compound lever press and stand).

  6. This is happening everywhere, gonna have to start putting drop doors in. Imagine using the drop door and having the staff run to a safe room. That would be a beautiful scene on TV.

  7. Then turn on the CO2 fire suppression system.

  8. They laid people off cause online sales are so high they don't need to worry about the extra costs of brick and mortar stores.

  9. But the person that you replied to said that Best Buy is "on the verge of bankruptcy", and that the 5000 employee lay-offs was because of this financial emergency.

  10. Theyre nearly 100 years old seems like they know what they are doing. I felt it had an old world charm to it when i saw it and it checks out. The modern soulless machines they make may be more to your ideals.

  11. Wasn't Elektra first? When I saw those pics I thought of elektra immediately (

  12. May well have been, I'd say that it was the style at the time for high quality espresso machines. A collision of function, form, and Italian flair.

  13. Take aways from the three part video series that researched the academic papers on Moka Pot brewing and had further input from the authors of the papers:

  14. These sound like great tips! Out of interest how are you going about the preinfusion? Dosing into the Moka filter and then adding some water and waiting for it to drain?

  15. Remove the pot from the medium heat as soon as it starts to first flow for 20 seconds or so. When it starts to stall place it back on a reduced heat.

  16. A person’s rights as a human and citizen of this country don’t end because they committed a crime.

  17. Am I wrong in believing that set up photos need to identify the major items that are the subject of the photo?

  18. Take aways from the three part video series that researched the academic papers on Moka Pot brewing and had further input from the authors of the papers:

  19. In Oro news kind of, I got an email today from Eureka showing off the 45gm hopper, bellows and dosing cup that Eureka will be selling as single dose add ons for current Mignon line.

  20. So the only advantage of the Oro over the others with the accessories is that it’s tilted to promote zero retention, right?

  21. Well, we don't know yet if there are any internal changes - but at the moment it looks like a Mignon XL without the electronics and tilted, plus the single dose add ons.

  22. Hmmm, it is 11 grams of beans. What would be a better amount? I think it is an optical illusion that it looks full.

  23. Breville Dual Boiler if its available in your country and a Eureka Specialita grinder.

  24. In my country the Ascaso Steel Duo PID is $200 more than the Dream.

  25. Speak to the dealer that you bought it from and have them fix it under warranty if the problem persists.

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