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  1. Transfer all my money to the bank account of certain individual that I'll be again in 24 hours

  2. Apxm says:

    What about Tiffany?

  3. Throw you trash in third world countries.

  4. The ocean has salt, meat, and veggies, so it is a large bowl of soup.

  5. After this film Sara should buy 37 Crore flat next to Janhvi.

  6. Watch Akshay kumar balding hairline at 7:19

  7. Reddit making their users work for free and making Billions.

  8. Apply for Indian Air Force lol, maybe you get selected

  9. Do one have to be an Indian to Apply for Indian Air Force?

  10. Bribing should get the work done.

  11. They do it for power, that's the only payment.

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