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Why won’t any of these anti-choice protesters help others by adopting?

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  1. I stared at this for a minute before realizing it was a picture and not a video

  2. He has wheels so I would assume pushing him would be pretty easy. Try putting him in neutral?

  3. If his body doesn’t lock I think pushing in wheelbarrow style would be the best way.

  4. Part of me wants to east this and another part is having its trypophobia triggered for some reason (things like this usually don’t trigger mine)

  5. How are you confused? I don’t want people murdered but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn my house into a safe house for people in witness protection.

  6. Some people just assume that because we don’t like abortion we somehow have enough time/money/resources to raise children. I fully support adoption and plan on adopting kids, but at the moment I am not ready or prepared, and there’s not much I can do to change it at the moment.

  7. Pulcinella is waiting for his turn to be released.

  8. That’s a Tillandsia (air plant). It definitely does not need to be in that soil and watering the soil will not do much for it.

  9. I just finished getting the stuff to ascend him completely and I have 168 wishes (no pity). But I’m dying waiting!

  10. Any place I can read these online? Also, any recommendations on reading order for Wiccan, Speed, Wiccan, Hulking, and Wiccan?

  11. I’m a soon to be Childe main and I currently main Fischl as well. I love speaking like her in the chat.

  12. I was always going to pull for Childe, but Thoma and Layla are a huge plus because I love both of their characters

  13. True, you can still see Obi-Wan visibly making 2 cuts when Anakin attempted to leap over him - the novelization even already explained it to us.

  14. How many intermission quests must I do to continue the Inazuma Archon quest? 💀

  15. Oh, I’ve been doing all of the quests on the other islands, I just started Enkanomiya. I have done so many world quests. I apologize for my stupidity

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