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  1. "I tried in the end, I did"; It was perfect and is still a scene I think of regularly.

  2. 😱🤣 After all these years, I never noticed this.

  3. You can't go wrong with getting these. Such easy reads and they are the place to be to learn more about Driver. Enjoy!

  4. The one I needed was the mop against the Heavy goon. This was driving me mad. Finally glad that journey is over. Time for the beating the game at age 25 or less.

  5. Just keep running! It's the best thing to do; don't worry about doing some extra exploring (apart from getting the nightmare pages).

  6. Dave Filoni or Denis Villeneuve. I would trust these two with directing future SW movies.

  7. This is sick!! Love how you had the embroidery cut across the scorpion too.

  8. Cant speak for Guardians but Mafia is terrific and the shortest so I would say start there. ME is my favourite game series and indeed you will spend anywhere from 75-90 hours on the trilogy. I would say its a slow start for ME1 the first time you play it because theres a lot to learn but its a fantastic experience. Have replayed those games many times. So I'd say start with Mafia to cross one of the list early and then maybe ME.

  9. Yeah just downloaded mafia because of that good call.

  10. Very nice! You got a good haul! You'll be busy through the holidays with these games!

  11. I kept it simple: my laptop, headphones, one ring binder and some pens. The ring binder acted as a notebook and storage. Almost everything written there was typed up digitally on my laptop after class so I didn't have to worry my notes getting ruined if I was caught in the rain. You don't need a whole lot. It's college, start off with a little as possible and build it up as you find you need stuff.

  12. It was really good, got mine the other week.

  13. This is good! Digital art is hard, I honestly know from experience. You did really well!! Should be proud!!! Keep at it!

  14. I actually thought I'd be the only one who thought that

  15. I really hope the Remedy team get funding to do it, or at least get it made into some form whether its a book or something else. Maybe we will get some form of a sequel with the upcoming show.

  16. Wait until you get into the game first. Id definitely say you should get it but hold off and see how you find the base game and if you want to spend more time in Horizon get it.

  17. The music of the game inspired me to learn how to play piano and write. Welcome to Brightfalls is one of my favourites. The piece itself is very peaceful and it's one I keep going back to all of the time to wind down after a tough day. The Poet and the Muse is another terrific song by Poets of the Fall. I always found their to be something alluring to the soundtrack of this game and inspiring - something that you don't always find nowadays. The story itself, made me think about my actions on life and how it can affect others around me. Along with that, it reminded me that things aren't always so simple and there can always be a lot more happening behind the scenes that what you yourself may know.

  18. That's awesome. Is there any certain type of writing that you focus more on or enjoy more (such as story-telling, song lyrics, poetry, etc)? How hard was learning to play the piano?

  19. I can't agree more that the game has me listening to Poets of the Fall more.

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